Google Maps 9.22 Lets You Put an Icon That Is Customized to Your Home and Work

Yesterday saw the feature star introduced in the latest version of Google Maps, the integration of the taxi services from own address lookup, über, Hailo and compatible Mytaxi in the respective cities and countries in which these companies operate.

However, the changes do not end there. Google Maps 9.22 includes a series of small changes and optimizations in the interface, in particular on the part of saved sites, that they are now better organized and that you can give your personal touch with custom icons.

Your home, more beautiful than ever

So far the icon to show where your House on the map was… as that, a House, a boring silhouette of a House on a circle. Now, however, can choose between colorful icons It ranging from apartment blocks to submarines, tents and castles to a barn. There are 25 icons available.

With regard to the work, the number is reduced to the 13 icons It ranging from a crane to a block of offices, a mill and shops of different designs. In both cases they are configured in the same way. From the expanded details of your location to home or work (slide up), click on Select an icon.

Icons for home and work

Unfortunately this option to customize sites with these colorful icons is not available for other locations you have saved to your maps (although you have several houses or work, if it is the case). Perhaps in a future.

Chronology with more data

In addition to these icons, other aspects of the application of maps for excellence have undergone small changes. Is the case of the chronology (Menu – your chronology), that function fascinating half – terrifying half, that shows you on the map where they’ve been at any time.

In this case the change is limited to enter more information in the time line. Above the line shows a Overview of all distance and time traveled, as in each of the different places that you have visited during the day.

9.22 Google Maps version should be coming to Google Play at the moment, but if you’re somewhat impatient, nothing prevents you to download it from places such as APKMirror.

Mapsvaria according to the device

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Download Google Maps 9.22.0 Apk for Android 6.0 with …

Download Google Maps 9.22.0 Apk for Android 6.0 with ...