Google Launches Selfie-Slam Android Commercial

New commercial for Android: Google has released a short video on YouTube that should awaken lust on the operating system. The spot just 15 seconds long, Google will emphasize the diversity which exist on Android smartphones – particularly in relation to the cameras.

In the film, which from the style on South Park is a basketball player, see, which attaches to a slam dunk. While he is in the air, he will be photographed by the enthusiastic audience – and scans with a Selfie himself, when he lost the ball in the basket. The spot ends with the words: “android. be together. not the same.”

Smartphone Cameras In Focus

With the video Google enters on a continuing trend: the power of cameras is an aspect that influences the purchase decision with Smartphones increasingly. Especially strong front cameras lie in the trend for some time, because many smartphone users like to photographed with Selfies itself. The appropriate technology has quickly become an important feature of current smartphones.

So evolved, for example, the resolution of 5 MP camera on the front also for mid-range smartphones slowly standard – and is long since no unique selling point of previous flagship models such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.