Google Duo to Promote Themselves with Five Adorable Ads Start

Yesterday we talked about Google Duo had surpassed the barrier of the ten million downloads in Google Play and wondering what is missing to reach stardom. The simplest answer is people. How can millions of people even know that your application there is? One option is to get it pre-installed on Android and the other is… to promote it.

The launch of Google Duo has been relatively silent for an application that depends on the viral component and mass of users. Google Duo has its own official video highlighting its virtues but cannot be deemed an advertisement itself. Now Google surprises us with not one, but five adorable ads featuring everyday objects that are solved its problems through a video call.


In this announcement peanut butter butter, or peanut butter, sets a video call with your soulmate, the Jam. It’s a duo (je) very popular in American cuisine (peanut butter and jelly) that the rest of the world doesn’t quite understand, but the bottom line is that: the application for couples who are destined to be together.

The second advertisement changes the food by socks that you seem to have been smoking something other than tobacco. As it is often the case with the pairs of socks, one of them has been lost and is trying to reunite with his soul mate via Duo. The bottom line is that Duo is an application for people who are lost without the other person.

At this point already given should have you the guideline that all ads are characterized by duos, being in this case salt and pepper. While some people might think that the fact that the calls are always between two people and not group (as in Hangouts) is a delay, it is curious that in all listings you present it as an advantage.

The penultimate announcement is played by a coffee and a milk jug or cream. The idea is once more to be able to talk with another person quickly and easily. The idea is good, but still continue to having who prefer text messages because they are not so invasive and do not need to stop what you’re doing.

The ads end – at least for now – with a couple of toothpaste and toothbrush. The moral of the story is that it is “for couples that like to show off”.

Taking into account that Google Duo has barely functions, ads are focused on trying to advertise its existence among those who do not actively follow the technology news. The campaign is accompanied by its own hashtag, #BeADuo and very descriptive slogan “video calls that come with Preview”. Will it work to attract more users? Safe Yes, although it remains to be seen to what extent.