Google Duo Exceeds 10 Million Downloads, But Still Lacking… Something

Google Duo is the very latest communication from Google application, at least until Allo. It is an application of video calls carried minimal essence, very simple and very fast I like some and in some ways disappoints others.

It was officially launched on 16 August, exceeding two weeks later the target of the 5 million downloads that it already made us doubt whether it would be enough to ensure its success. Now, It has doubled that figure up to the 10 million downloads, Although on this occasion he needed three weeks to get it.

Install. Open. Try. Close. Forget.

Whenever Google creates any type of application, simply We can’t help but take a look, and even though it’s one of the applications that most we were expecting from the Google I/o. It seems that that has been largely the case of Google Duo, since after the initial boom where it came to rise high in the rankings of Google Play, you are losing something of bellows.

Rankings of Google Duo in Spain (App Annie data)

Wear is normal (that is to say Pokémon GO), but while the popular game of Niantic has come to the Summit and beyond, We cannot say that Duo has really come off, even in his “15 minutes of Fame” a few days of being released officially.

Personal note, which does not have to be representative of the rest of humanity, and Duo installed since the first day I have my list of contacts of people who have account on it seems that it has risen to the top in three people. I would have more luck calling my friends on LINE than in Duet or WeChat.

And if it was preinstalled?

I wish more luck the world duo, although I can’t help but think that Google has underestimated once again the difficulty launch an application of messaging and to achieve Capture the interest, even if you are the “owner” of the operating system.

Already thousands of developers would like these ten million downloads for them, but for Google fall a bit short, especially for a communication application. You will have to see how it evolves, but probably its success or otherwise will be closely linked to the fact if it comes preinstalled Android in the near future or not.

Finally and ultimately this has managed to sneak a lot of Google’s applications in “the club of the ECU”, and Duet that needs more than anything is a good base of users to avoid the effect of having to evangelize its use among your friends to use it, as it is the case with all messaging applications.