Google Bought from Motorola by Something More Than Their Patents

Since the announcement of the purchase of Motorola by Google have not stopped out rumors about how it will this acquisition affect these two companies and Google relations with other manufacturers so keep betting by Android.

All manufacturers congratulated Google by the acquisition of Motorola to defend Android opposite this war without sense of patents, and Google, to reassure its partners, said that Motorola would continue to operate as an independent company implying that they only bought the company for its patent portfolio.

Some media suggested that Google could sell Motorola once integrated its patent portfolio in the company of the search engine, but it seems that all this was not entirely true. Today Eric Schmidt you declared in Dreamforce Conference 2011, who not only bought Motorola for its patents, which are very happy have a product line using the Motorola brand and be able to integrate the software with the hardware.

We have done it for something else that patents. We believe that the Motorola team will get some amazing products … we are excited to have the line of products, use of the Motorola brand, the architecture of the product and to engineers. These guys created the RAZR. Know them well because they are Google Apps users … we do have at least one area in which to integrate hardware and software.

With these statements is clear that Google is interested all Motorola and not only its patents to fight back against Microsoft and Apple. Surely Google also bought Motorola to cover their asses with the possible purchase of Nokia by Microsoft.

Have not given details of as affect in the future Google hand devices, although we can already imagine that all recommendations that Google does in the manufacturers will be mandatory for Motorola, so sure that the mobile future will come with quick updates and customizations. Probably depending on the market situation Google use, or not to Motorola as the official manufacturer of Android and its range of Nexus, seamlessly integrating the software with the hardware.