Google Art Project Arrives in Brazil and Covers Two Museums SP

In February 2011 the Google launched the Art Project, a sort of Street View in museums. Available initially for a limited number of countries, the service finally arrived in Brazil and provides free pictures in high resolution works of two important museums in the city of Sao Paulo – the Museum of Modern Art and the Pinacoteca do Estado.

They are now available for consideration works of 151 museums in 40 countries. Along with the increase in the collection, a new version of the service was launched; among the novelties are the ability to create personal galleries of your favorite works and discuss the pictures with your friends on (guess what!) Google+. The Art Project got off the ground thanks to the 20% project where Google employees invest 20% of their time working on personal projects – so that came Orkut.

According to Google, at first the Art Project had a thousand images from 17 museums located in 9 countries. Today, just over a year after the launch of the service, more than 30,000 works of art. 46 museums – including the two Brazilians – already have the Museum View, which allows the user to walk inside the museum as if on site.

To capture the images, Google used a stand 2.6 meters tall and 60 kg. The robot paparazzi has 15 cameras, a computer screen and keyboard to process and store photos and three lasers that detect the depth of the rooms of the museum, which is useful for detecting the size of a frame, for example. Pretty simple, as you can see in the picture below.

If you do not live in Sao Paulo and want to enjoy the works available in both cataloged museums, simply access the page Google Art Project. Also available are paintings of Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali and Michelangelo. Just choose.