Google Allo Is Bundled with The Contacts and Stops Responding without Having It Installed… Sometimes

We have already had the opportunity to download and try Google Allo, which is always difficult at the beginning of any messaging application. Why? Because at the beginning hardly anyone has an account, so you just talking to google (the Assistant) asking him over and over again about the time or that recite you a poem… or stay only.

However, when I installed me Allo I have taken me a surprise: It had contacts in the application, the majority of whom had not heard about Allo in his life, they had not installed it and they were also asleep at that hour. Is it possible to appear as having account in Allo?

The account without account

Of course, the first thing I did is open a new conversation with some of my contacts and begin to send a jug and a half posts, to see if they were effective. The truth is that it was still rather early, so I didn’t have much hope of that got nowhere. However, they are marked as shipped.

Allo has a system similar to the WhatsApp. Messages are marked with different ticks to show the status of sent, received and read. In this case, the messages were in theory coming to its destination, while my friend Allo had not installed.

After contact with my friend by other means, is that the messages that I was sending him in Allo were coming you, Yes, but through a mysterious window similar to fast responses in which could read messages, install Allo or ignore my messages completely. He had not created the account nor installed Allo, but for some reason your mobile (a Galaxy S5) was ready to receive messages and reply to them, anyway.

When you press Install, automatically directs you to Google Play, where by now Google Allo is not yet available for download, so you can not do much. With Ignore is achieved exactly that, the messages stop appearing, and it is also possible to reply from the same window, then pressing Send. All of this without Allo.

It is not clear how this system works or through what application these messages arrive, but it is not something we have seen before. How can Allo send notifications without having the application installed before? What if we started to receive all kinds of similar notifications whenever someone tries to us talking in the hundreds of existing messaging applications?

There are also contacts ‘ lie’

In addition to the mysterious preview window which, in my case, appeared to two of my friends, also seems to be lying in Allo contacts. I.e. that they do not have installed Allo, never had it and also notifies them by no means of the messages.

So, if you just install Allo and notes that friends do not seem to get any attention, consider that you are ignoring it may have simply not even installed Allo and you appear to you as that.