Google Allo and Privacy, as Well Are The Incognito Mode and Messages That Will Self-Destruct

Many were the news announced during the last edition of the Google I/O Conference and including surprised us with two new apps for messaging and communication. On the one hand we have Google Duo, a service of video calling which simplifies to the maximum the experience and that was released just a few days.

Google Allo It was the second announced app and, though at the moment still does not release date, the arrival of Google Duo could indicate that it is falling. While we wait, Android Police have tested the app and we can already take a look at will the incognito mode in Google Allo be like.

Privacy first and foremost

Google already announced Allo incognito mode during the presentation, but not entered in details, so there are still many features that we were unaware. For example the app will differentiate normal private chats with a gray background with the incognito icon as we see on these lines. In addition, the icon that will appear in the chat list will also have this image.

All messages sent through the incognito mode are equipped with encrypted end to end Signal Protocol. The system gives each user a unique identity key and even notified when it changes.

In addition, when we receive a notification of a chat it will not display content, if not simply appearing with the label “you have a new message”. The only downside is that Google Asistant will not work While we’re chatting in this way.

Ephemeral messages: Snapchat has created school

Another of the most outstanding novelties of Google Allo is the possibility of send messages that expire, something similar to what proposes Snapchat. With Allo you can choose from 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour or 1 week and in addition you can change settings all as often as you want in a same conversation.

Ephemeral or auto-destruct messages are a good way to prevent someone from accessing our conversations, but according to Android Police, the system still has much to improve When it comes to inform users if the message has been read and how much time is left before disappearing, something that could be solved in the final version of the app.