Goldgenie Already Sells His Galaxy S7 Dress in Gold, Was It Really Necessary?

The world of luxury is not something that many of us understand, not at least from the point of view of those who seek exclusivity above efficiency and/or attention above functionality.

Perhaps that is the reason why cost us both understand things like which makes Goldgenie, but the truth is that the British firm has been made already an important gap with his Jewelry on most major smartphones customizations of the moment.

At least it is easier to defend smartphones dresses Golden Goldgenie, justified to be the best market converted into exclusive jewelry, above devices with less benefits hardware and construction materials of other howtos Vertu, Tag Heuer or Lamborghini.

This time, Goldgenie presents its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge by a bath of 24 carat gold, with a contentious aspect but all the exclusivity and looks that involves driving a smartphone covered in gold in its rear casing and metal frames.

Also, as always, the British maker introduces a box/jewelry box made of cherry wood and for calls and messages, military-grade encryption, though certainly and by plenty of privacy that you want won’t get unnoticed too with one of these Galaxy S7 in your hand.

The price is nothing less than 2.097 pounds sterling for the plane model, climbing up to 2,297 pounds in the case of Galaxy S7 Edge. To change about 2,685 2.941 euro respectively was that make us wonder… really necessary?