Glamping and Nature Experiences in Corcovado

Glamping and Nature Experiences in Corcovado

Combine glamping – comfortable luxury camping with Costa Rica’s main animal and nature experiences. Volcanoes, hot springs, cloud forest combined with delicious glamping lodges and beautiful white sandy beaches. Enjoy sleeping in luxury tents, cottages and in wooden huts high up in the rainforest trees in combination with more traditional hotels.

Day 1: Departure from Sweden and arrival in San José

Departure from Sweden to Costa Rica listed on diseaseslearning, where you (depending on the airline) arrive in the evening. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel in San José. The city has a wide range of attractions such as colorful local markets, historical museums and green parks that give the city’s people pleasant places to catch their breath in the country’s capital. In the capital there is the Plaza de la Cultura which is full of small stalls, shops and street vendors who live on selling clothes, jewelry and carpets. In the city center, it is also often cheap to buy surfing equipment for the trip. You can spend the rest of the evening as you wish.

Day 2: San José – Maquenque (Boca Tapada)

After breakfast, you can pick up your rental car and drive to northeastern Costa Rica. The car journey takes approx. three hours depending on how many times you stop on the road. You will reach the San Carlos River where you park your car in a guarded parking lot. Then take the hotel’s boat to the other side of the river, a boat trip of approx. 4–5 min. In this beautiful place you spend the night in one of the wooden huts located at the top of the trees or in a nice bungalow. The accommodation this night is offered subject to availability and according to your wishes. After arriving at the lodge, you can spend the rest of the day feeling comfortable. This place is perfect for canoeing and exploring the surrounding nature reserves or just enjoying the beautiful surroundings from the wooden hut or bungalow. ( F )

Day 3: Maquenque (Boca Tapada) – La Fortuna at the Arenal Volcano

After breakfast, travel back across the river and drive yourself to the La Fortuna area near the Arenal Volcano. The car trip there takes approx. two hours. You will arrive at the hotel around lunchtime. You will stay here for two nights. The area is home to perhaps Costa Rica’s most beautiful volcano, which last erupted in 1968, after centuries of inactivity. During the eruption, two nearby villages were destroyed and forests and many farms were also covered by lava. On days with clear weather, you can be lucky and see how the volcano sprays ash. Since 1995, the area around the volcano has been a national park and there are currently some restrictions on hiking in the area, which means that you are not allowed to hike up to the top of the Arenal Volcano. The hotel you are staying at can help with advice on permitted hiking trails and the wide range of exciting activities in the area. After arriving at the hotel, you can spend the rest of the day doing what you feel like doing. (F )

Day 4: On your own in La Fortuna by the Arenal Volcano

You have the day at Arenal Volcano on your own, the area offers a myriad of exciting activities and experiences for all tastes. The town of La Fortuna is beautifully situated next to the volcano and it is easy to find everything from small cozy hotels to large, lavish hotels. You can see volcanoes, magnificent nature, La Fortuna waterfall, hot springs and take part in a wide range of adventure experiences. From La Fortuna you can also take part in several eventful mountain bike rides, horseback riding, kayaking or explore the volcanic landscape on foot. You can also participate in adventure experiences such as. downhill skiing, cable cars, bungee jumping from a height of 40 meters and rafting. There are many different activities to participate in. If you find something that sounds interesting, a travel consultant can easily tailor the tours for you and possibly even help extend your stay for a fee. (F )

Day 5: La Fortuna – Monteverde

After breakfast you drive on to the beautiful rainforest of Monteverde, a drive that takes approx. four hours. On the way you pass through Costa Rica’s beautiful highlands. Some parts of the journey go on small primitive roads that make it feel like you are on a real adventure. After you arrive, you can spend the rest of the day doing what you feel like. ( F )

Day 6: Monteverde Rainforest – Manuel Antonio (30 km from the National Park)

This morning it’s time to do an exciting type of hike called “Sky-Walk”. This is a type of hiking that is performed over seven suspension bridges that are spread over a hiking trail of approx. 3 km. From the forest branch, you can see the rainforest from a bird’s eye view. You can also learn a little about some of the more than 2,500 plant and bird species found in Monteverde’s rainforest. In addition, this beautiful rainforest has the world’s highest concentration of orchids and is also home to hummingbirds, toucans and colorful quetzals that many ornithologists describe as one of the most beautiful bird species in the world. After a pleasant hike above the rainforest, an eventful ziplining adventure awaits where you first get to read some safety instructions. Then you get strapped into different braces and can float forward over the rainforest. On this tour, you pass 12 different zipline tracks that together form one of the world’s longest zipline trails. You will return to the hotel approx. at 12:00 and then drive south to your lodge and glamping which is located 30 km north of the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. In the afternoon you drive approx. four hours and after you arrive you can spend the rest of the day doing what you feel like. (F ) NOTE! Children from approx. 7-8 year olds can participate in the ziplining trip across the rainforest together with a guide.

Day 7: On your own at the hotel (approx. 30 km from Manuel Antonio National Park)

On this day you can enjoy the surroundings or book an exciting excursion in the area. Among other things, there is rafting, tubing and firing. In Manuel Antonio you will find experiences for all tastes and it is also a good place to enjoy a beach holiday among the area’s many beautiful beaches. Please note that you do not live right on the water or the beach in this travel proposal. ( F )

Day 8: Manuel Antonio Area – Puerto Jiménez – Corcovado National Park

Efter frukost kör du ungefär fyra timmar mot Puerto Jiménez, nära Corcovado nationalpark. Det här är nationalparken i Costa Rica som innehåller flest djurarter. När du kommer fram till staden kan du parkera bilen på en parkeringsplats och vi rekommenderar även att du lämnar en del av bagaget i bilen under vistelsen i Corcovado nationalpark eftersom du måste bära ditt eget bagage den sista biten av vägen till ditt lodge. Parkeringsplatsen i Puerto Jiménez ligger vid lodgets huvudkontor. Härifrån åker du jeep till Carat, en bilresa som tar ca. två timmar. När du kommer fram måste du vandra de sista 45 minuterna till ekolodget längs små stigar och dessutom passerar du några vackra små bäckar längs vägen. OBS! Det är en bra idé att ta med kläder som är lätta att röra sig i och som också tål att bli blöta. Njut av resan till Carete och vandringen till lodget eftersom det är en upplevelse i sig. Efter att du har kommit fram kan du ägna resten av dagen åt vad du känner för. (F )

Day 9: Half day hike in Corcovado National Park

On this day we have arranged a wonderful half-day hike among the national park’s many exotic animals. On the way you will see beautiful landscapes and river systems that surround the lush jungle. Corcovado National Park has one of the world’s most unique ecosystems and diverse flora and fauna. The diversity of animal and plant species is completely unique. On this hike you can see several types of monkeys, crocodiles, red macaws, polar bears, the raccoon tayran and many exciting bird species. If you are lucky, you can also catch a glimpse of a puma, tapir or perhaps one of the national park’s sloths. After the hike in the national park, you can spend the rest of the day doing what you feel like. ( F , L , M )

Day 10: Corcovado National Park on your own and evening safari on nature trails

There is nothing planned for this day. It is perfect for relaxing in your luxury tent which is beautifully set up in the beautiful landscape by the Pacific Ocean. Ekolodget can help you book excursions if you want. After dinner, an evening safari is arranged along the many beautiful nature trails in Corcovado National Park. Many of the national park’s animals are most active at night and this experience is an interesting contrast to hiking during the day. You decide what you want to do during the day until the evening safari. ( F , L , M )

Day 11: Corcovado National Park – Puerto Jiménez – Manuel Antonio

After breakfast, continue on small paths and along small streams back to Carete, where you will be picked up and driven back to Puerto Jiménez. In Puerto Jiménez you return to the rental car and drive back to Manuel Antonio, a drive of approx. four hours. The next night you live in Manuel Antonio. After arriving late in the afternoon, you can spend the rest of the day doing what you feel like. ( F )

Day 12: Manuel Antonio – Puntarenas – Paquera – Isla Chiquita

This morning you drive towards Puntarenas, a car journey that takes approx. three hours. Then you take a boat to Paquera which takes approx. one hour and ten minutes. It is possible to take the car over to the Nicoya Peninsula. You must arrange the ticket for the ferry locally and you must be at the port one hour before departure. Ask about the departure times for the ferry the day before at the hotel in Manuel Antonio. When you reach Paquera, drive on to Isla Chiquita’s headquarters in the city. You can park your car in a secure parking space at the office. Then you take a short boat trip to Isla Chiquita which only takes approx. five to ten minutes. You will spend three wonderful nights in the pleasant environment of the island. You live in a luxury tent to end your glamping experience in Costa Rica. ( F )

Day 13: On your own on Isla Chiquita

Today you can enjoy the quiet surroundings around the tent or explore the small island on your own. If you want to see the Nicoya Peninsula on your own, you can buy a boat ticket back to the mainland because you can still use the car parked there on this day. If you want to do that, you have to buy a ticket to Paquera and back to Isla Chiquita at the reception of the lodge. ( F )

Day 14: On your own on Isla Chiquita – Isla Tortuga – Isla Chiquita

This day awaits an exciting day on one of the most beautiful and exotic islands in Costa Rica. You will be picked up in the morning and transported to Isla Tortuga, which consists of two uninhabited islands located right next to each other. These beautiful paradise islands are about an hour’s boat ride from the city of Montezuma and about a half hour boat ride from Isla Chiquita. Here you will find azure waters, beautiful beaches and swaying palm trees. It is possible to book snorkeling and kayaking around the islands on the beach or you can explore the islands’ hilly landscapes on your own. Enjoy a beautiful day on one of Costa Rica’s best beaches. You return to Isla Chiquita in the afternoon. ( F , ( L )

Day 15: Isla Chiquita – Paquera – Puntarenas – Alajuela

It’s time to say goodbye to this exotic and fantastic paradise after a wonderful and not least eventful holiday in western Costa Rica. After breakfast, return to Paquera and pick up the car, then return to Puntarenas. The ticket for the ferry must be purchased locally or at the reception at the lodge. From Puntarenas you drive towards the city of Alajuela, a drive that takes approx. two hours. This city is also only approx. 10-15 minutes from San José International Airport Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría. Your rental car will be picked up at the hotel free of charge, so you can spend your last time in Costa Rica relaxing at the hotel or exploring the city. ( F )

Day 16: San José – Airport

It’s time to say goodbye to Costa Rica after an adventurous and eventful vacation. You will return to Sweden with many great glamping, animal and nature experiences in your luggage. You will be picked up at the hotel and driven to the airport to suit your departure time.

Day 17: Arrival in Sweden

When you arrive in Sweden depends on which airline you fly with.

Overnight stays

One night in a three star hotel in San José
One night in a tree house or bungalow at a standard dormitory in Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge (Boca Tapada)
Two nights in a bungalow or similar at a standard hotel at La Fortuna
Two nights at a standard hotel in a bungalow or similar in La Fortuna at Arenal Volcano
A night in economy class hotels in Monteverde
Two nights in a tent or similar at a standard hotel 30 km from Manuel Antonio National Park
Three nights in a tent or similar at a standard lodge in Corcovado National Park
A night at a standard hotel in Manuel Antonio National Park
Three nights in a tent at a standard lodge on Isla Chiquita Island
A night in a standard Alajuela hotel

Glamping and Nature Experiences in Corcovado