Gerard Piqué Offers Face and Body H.E. by Mango

Much took the fashion advantage brands to Gerard Piqué, the FC Barcelona player, for their campaigns. And more after flat world champion last summer and his alleged relationship with Shakira, which has made him, if anything, more popular still. In particular, has been handle company has chosen you as their male line image H.E. by Mango.

The player has signed a contract which will face and body to the Spanish firm during the next two seasons spring-summer and autumn-winter 2011. As he has release handle, Pique has been chosen by incarnate perfectly the kind of man that the brand wants to dress: carefree, young, with personality and style.

It seems to me an excellent choice. What Gerard Piqué has a spectacular physical It is more than evident. And in addition has charisma and a large group of followers, both male and female. What do you you think?