GeneralKeys Bluetooth Mini Keyboard in the Practice Test

Smartphones, tablets, and game consoles are usually not just pattern candidates what’s comfortable entering text. To improve this situation, there are additional keyboards, which dock on the respective devices via Bluetooth. In the best case, they bring good tip comfort, a familiar layout and also with a high degree of mobility. Because it will finally go to cut with Smartphone or tablet in the keys. For the purpose of Pearl offers the straightforward “Bluetooth Mini keyboard” by GeneralKeys for 29.90 euros.

Dimensions 24.5 x 10 cm, is it not more necessarily jacken – or Pocket-compatible, but suitable for transportation in smaller cases. With 150 grams it is literally hardly.

At its thickest point, it measures 1.2 centimeters and thus offers a desk-like ergonomics if the appliance. Overall, she seems like a NetBook keyboard and is also only marginally smaller than about the keyboard of the Asus Eee PC 1005HA. But the few millimeters cost two important keys of the GeneralKeys keyboard: the left CTRL key and the SHIFT key missing right. This calls for an easy transition. Otherwise you can find under the 84 keys everything – and everything there, where it belongs. Even the F-keys were housed and you will find shortcuts – for the volume control. Great shipping rank made by using the function button for two allocations are not necessary in practice.

Even without exercise, you can type quickly with the keyboard. Are the keys for narrow finger rather, although they are good sized and set off from each other. Only the back or delete button could be twice as large as it is, to be more comfortable.

The pressure point of the keys is well defined. There is a very nice tip noise. The keyboard clatters and creaks not. Overall, the keyboard is well processed and looks robust. Lagging prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. The keyboard is large enough, even on the lap around on the couch watching TV, well to be used.

It connects the keyboard wirelessly via Bluetooth with other devices. That is, it provides its own power supply. According to the manufacturer it is for 60 hours in continuous operation. 400 hours keeps the battery in standby mode. After that, the GeneralKeys through a standard mini USB connection can be recharged again. The battery can not be changed.

The radio keeps within a radius of 10 meters. Serves as a Bluetooth profile HID (human interface device) via Bluetooth 2.0 class 2. This makes the keyboard compatible to a variety of devices. In the test, could the keyboard without any problems or significant effort a connection to a PC with Windows XP 7oder, a MacBook, an iPhone 3GS iPhone 4, and iPad (from iOS 4.0) and build a play station 3. With the Android Smartphone HTC wildfire it inconsistent. Only drawback: the pairing button lies sunk at the side of the unit. It is necessary absolutely about a paper clip to push him. However, taking this later no longer in danger, to press him again by mistake.

In the Pack, one finds a sufficiently long USB charging cable and a well understood, printed operating instructions.

Conclusion: The GeneralKeys Bluetooth Mini keyboard absolutely also suitable for longer texts or extended chats or replace transition even a ‘great’ keyboard. For this, the user is willing to give you more space in your luggage or on the table. The value for money is very good.