Geek Uses Foursquare to Propose Marriage to His Girlfriend

If you thought the ways to propose using the Internet were exhausted, think again. A web designer found a not usual way to propose marriage to his girlfriend sacred. He used the check-in service and geolocation Foursquare.

The first Geoff step was to invite his girlfriend Rhea for a ride. Then he tried to be the first to check in on a boat in which the two would walk, remembering to leave the message “RHEA: Will you marry me?” As a tip on the site minutes before boarding. So when Rhea did check in, the application that she wore on her cell showed the tip left by Geoff. Rhea accepted at once.

They joined the business with pleasure: they were engaged and at the same time won the medal “I’m on a boat!” Foursquare. Oh really.

The tip left by Geoff can be seen on the Foursquare website, and it reports on the personal blog of the technical difficulties he faced to make the timing was perfect.