FonYou Officer for Android Application

For those who do not know what is fonYou, We will say that it is a company that gives you free of charge a virtual phone number, It integrates a digital switchboard, with all the functions for filtering numbers and SMS as well as being able to configure offsets and voice mail. In Android you could already use this service through other external application, but today fonYou has made available to all of us his official iPhone app in the Android Market.

With fonYou you have 2 telephone numbers on your mobile: the SIM card and the fonYou. Thanks to its official application to manage your account from your phone, with the same functions you could do from the web, all ‘ to your fingertips ’. Eye, at the moment this service is available only for Spain.

Provided that you do not want to give your mobile number, fearing that doing so you can receive spam or unwanted calls, It will bring the number of fonYou, because thanks to your digital PABX You can filter this group of calls to your answering of fonYou, or simply cancel them automatically.

You can customize the voicemail for each caller group. We can also configure our phone numbers ‘ real ’, whether mobile or fixed, and depending on the source of the calls or schedule can allocate the call to a mailbox or to any of your phone numbers ‘ real ’. FonYou think as if you had someone at a switchboard, who had passed instructions for calls like to answer and which are not.

When someone calls from fonYou operation is as follows: first stable connections from the number of your SIM to your fonYou number, then from fonYou established the call to the recipient, but showing the number fonYou. In this way you will never reveal the phone number of your SIM. The cost per call fonYou or call a recipient of fonYou is the same, that is, it is as if you call a number of national mobile phone. With the SMS performance and cost is the same you have contracted with your mobile operator.

Another thing to keep in mind is the subject of the calls to international landlines and mobile phones. Because with fonYou we only pay the cost of the call to a national mobile phone (cost of your operator for calling your fonYou number), the cost of an international telephone call can be ridiculous. Such calls were relegated to services like Skype or any VoIP, but with fonYou service won in the call is made directly from your mobile phone, using the GSM network and without restrictions on your operator (unless they realize and want to castrate this service). Goodbye to the complications of having to use your computer or use Skype through WiFi or 3 G.

The application is very easy to manage, since it is practically equal to any of the applications on your mobile to send calls, SMS or manage the contact book. Also allows query record of all calls and SMS received, both which have come to your mobile as which have been filtered or cancelled from the control unit. You can also consult and configure your filters and voice mailboxes.

A detail to take into account is that, to control some functions you will need to have Internet connection. To make a call, if you don’t have connection to the Internet, it will ask you your fonYou PIN, but if you have activated the connection by Wi-Fi or 3 G call will be normally.

If not you have been clear, we bring you with the promotional video of fonYou with any explanation of its operation. I think that it is clear that any excuse there is no to start using fonYou.

fonYou Version 1.0.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: fonYou Telecom
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: Communication and messaging

FonYou you have free two numbers on your Android. In addition to your usual number you will have a new number fonYou that works on your current SIM card, without having to change operator.

UPDATE: Please advise us that with fonYou also can make calls to landlines and mobile phones to other countries; to take into account to save us one pasta.