Focal Listen, A New Helmet Upscale But Accessible

Focal, specialist french of the high-end sound recognized worldwide, introduced a helmet uncompromising sold 4000, Focal Utopia. More affordable, and Focal Listen volume we present today is research that gave birth to his brother.

Focal, ex-JM Lab, is a French company that produces mainly the extremely renowned speakers, but also particularly listed high-fidelity speakers, including the famous great Utopia, often considered to be one of the best of the world all categories.

Focal also stamped his mark on the world of the helmet right out of the first Focal Spirit One, a very good headset to the design. The Listen does not deny an air of family, but offers a more modern and less angular design. It is a closed type head headband and circum-aural headphones. It therefore includes the entirety of the ear, which usually means better sound insulation and a more serious.

The production looks serious with chrome earpieces with metal brushed, veneer pads shape memory leatherette, a RollBar in material soft touch. The headset weighs 273 g. Cable 1 m 40 is detachable and locking. It is of type OFC(Oxygen Free Copper), a technique that is supposed to foster the transmission of the treble. It is fitted with a multifunction remote control and a microphone for telephone communication policy. This remote is not reminiscent of that found on the ear of the brand model, Sphear.

Focal puts forward the musical quality of his helmet, based on 40 mm Mylar titanium transducers, but also its insulation already mentioned. That, combined with the ability to bend, in fact a nomadic quintessential helmet. The Focal Listen also comes with a carrying case and an air adapter. Finally, it is proposed that the recommended rate of € 199.