Flybelt-A Belt To Take Off

Every now and then, I lose a few words about startups, so you remember the ascetic who reinvented the T-shirt for themselves or to Ezybelt with the slightly different belts. Another startup isFlybelt-the company’s belts were initially designed for frequent flyers due to their patented technology, but they also find their way into the cabinets of non-pilots thanks to their great diversity.

Michael, the founder of Flybelt, asked me if I did not want to look at his products a bit more closely, then share my impressions with you. Because I liked the idea behind Flybelt’s belts and I find the implementation very successful, there are now my impressions of the label for you and the other readers. There is also something to win. Flybelt, together with, raffles two gift sets from their own range.

The Flybelt gift set is a belt from the Business Line, which can be shortened according to the required length! The set includes an elegant belt and two closures, which complement the belt perfectly.The belt can be easily cut on the inside at the desired length, then clamp the plastic part to the end and the matching Flybelt is ready!How you can win one of the two gift sets can be found at the end of the article.

The Idea Behind Flybelt

Michael was in his former job, in a leading position abroad, because of this he had to fly relatively much. And as you may have already experienced, you have the fun at the securitycheck in the airport so much fun, the biggest annoyance for him was always the belt-threading and re-dressing. That’s why he was thinking about what to do to make this more enjoyable.

In cooperation with his current producer, he has come to the solution of the Flybelt-which is, by the way, patented. They started with a business line, as the target group initially were frequent travelers, like him. In the course of the first year, however, most of the customers did not fly at all, but appreciated the combination of the belt! As a result, Flybelt has repositioned its own concept and designed the casual line for leisure and business casual outfits.

As we’ve seen, there are now two collections, Business Line (35mm) and Casual Line (40mm), which allow you to combine your belts and closures. However, it is important to note that the buckles and belts of the Business Line can not be combined with those of the casual line. But do not worry, there is no lack of variety, because the Business Line has a total of 170 combinations and 108 combinations in the casual line. The excuse for a special occasion to have a suitable belt, there is simply no more.

The system by Flybelt offers a good solution through the well-thought-out system to have the appropriate belt at hand, even without a walk-in wardrobe. For example, if you add three belts as well as four closures, you already have 15 possible combinations without having to apply the space requirement for them.

And space requirements have not been a problem since the introduction of the Flybar, as this allows the belt to be stored in a space-saving way, as Michael says there is hardly any way to do so.And by the way, the belts keep their shape better. The Flybar you can look at here, but I have also found a smart solution to keep belt, but in a different post more.

Take A Look At Flybelt’s Casual Line

Personally, I think the casual line is more interesting to me and you, so I look at it a bit more closely. You can find out more about thebusiness line on the website of Flybelt. Below I show you various combinations, which I have put together and which I can imagine for my clothing style well.

I decided with this combination package from the casual line for a rounded pin buckle in classic design. This buckle fits perfectly to every jeans. Does not come too formal and can be worn with both jeans and shirt, as well as jeans with a T-shirt. Like all other Flybelt’s, these lead and nickel free.

A black belt is simply a must. Both to send leather shoes, as well as to casual sneakers makes the black cow leather belt with straight edges a good picture. Due to the fine, light structure, this color irregularity offers on the surface. As a result, the belt is not only uniformly black, which makes it even more interesting. Definitely my first choice in everyday life.

But you also need the appropriate belt for brown shoes. For this reason, I have combined the rounded buckle with a lightly textured, brown cowhide belt. In this case as well, the slight irregularities of color occur on the surface, which give it a certain something. But this is not enough, it has the “used look” of the brown crouched ribbon.

Because for everyone who is a simple smooth surface is not enough, the crooked version is definitely the right choice. Through the use of a special production process, which crumbles the belt during production without damaging it, the beautiful brown cow leather belt gets its special structure. Extremely casual as I find. But still is not the end!

And did you notice something? The buckle is different, but the ribbons remain the same. Even six belt combinations are ready to hand and not just three. A system that makes sense and can be extended as required. For example, you can start with the previously mentioned combination of a black and brown band as well as a rounded pin buckle and then add this later with other ribbons or this angular, large pin buckle in old silver.

The angular buckle is extremely distinctive and is therefore a sight alone. Its angular, large shape makes it a great addition to any band from the casual line. Personally, I believe that you are well-positioned with a rounded and square, angular buckle and matching brown and black band.

Flybelt Gift Set-So You Can Win It

Flybelt’s gift set chooses a different approach, so this comes with two closures and a ribbon. In my opinion also not wrong. Also the idea behind the gift set to give away a belt, which can be customized individually in the length, I find not bad. Because just when you give a belt, it is difficult to determine the correct size of the wearer.

The set itself includes an elegant business line belt and two closures that complement the belt. The recipient can easily adjust the belt to fit its length. Just cut the inside of the belt at the desired length and clamp the plastic part to the end and the matching flybelt is ready.

Two of these sets are now available for you to win. And that is quite easy, just answer this question: “Why is it with you time for a new belt?” . The random decides among the submitted comments. As always participation without guarantee. The raffle starts on 27.11.2015 at 12:15 pm and ends on 04.12.2015 at 20:00, the winners will be contacted by mail and now good luck!