Five Tricks You Didn’t Know for the HTC One

The HTC One has been one of the surprises of the year in the world of mobile telephony. HTC has gotten an Android smartphone that not only boasts the most advanced specifications but its design, camera and exclusive applications are outstanding.

You already have it in your hands, or you are thinking do you with it. Either way, today in technology you your you teach five tricks (more tricks can be found on that we are sure that you do not know for the best performance. Let’s see if you already knew them or not.

Blinkfeed, how to configure it or remove it

When we unlock the HTC One, the first thing we see is Blinkfeed. The home screen where appear us the latest news. This screen is fine, and we can customize to choose what we want to see in a very simple way.

To change the fonts of the news, click on the Start button (with House) and then move the screen down to bring us the options menu. There inside we can customize fonts, priorities, and other elements.

If we want to remove it, from the menu of options you can choose the option to change the home screen. Here we take another and take a normal menu us until you want to with your icons, widgets, etc.

How to make screen captures

As in other Android smartphones, the combination of keys to make a screenshot is very simple. Press the power button and volume down at the same time. Catches is will be automatically saved in the phone’s memory.

To see them, we just have to go to the Photo Album application, and there will be, inside a folder. We can upload them to social networking sites, edit them with applications or simply save them if ever they needed us.

How to save battery and last longer

Gone are those days where the phones battery lasted for days and days. Now it is different, but clear, we have also gained a lot of new features that we had not. With the battery-saving mode can stretch a little more HTC One life.

Therefore we simply have to go to settings, power and inside choose the option of saving. What makes this mode is turn off WiFi and 3G when the screen is off, so it will last longer than normal. Although we will not receive in those moments the notifications.

HTC One as TV remote

A very simple but effective trick. As the HTC One has an infrared port, you can use it as a remote control with the TV. Simple, effective and the smartphone already comes with a pre-installed application for this function.

Customize the home screen

We have just our list with other customization trick. It is to customize our home screen to bring up what we like as we turn on the HTC One. To do this, we have to go to the settings menu and then personalization.

There inside you can choose the information that you want to appear. Electronic mail, news, calendar… To change the icons of the applications, we only have to drag them from the application to the bottom menu so that they are there.