Facebook Proposes New Change of Site Governance: See What It Says and How It Affects Users

From time to time the Facebook changes the documents that govern the site to become more consistent with the company’s current products. In July one of these changes happened. And on the afternoon of Wednesday, a new proposal for change was published. Among the changed items are potential new services the social network, the relaxation of rules email, new data use policies and the possibility of reducing the voice of users when documents are changed next time.

live events and new message filters


One of the changes in data use policy includes potential service that Facebook will launch, including events live broadcast. And although the social network has never done this kind of thing, several companies have already used applications on the platform to transmit real-time events. Below I detail who should usher in the system.

In the chat and messaging, Facebook changed and shall include filters to manage who can send messages and other tools. This will be particularly good for those who always forget to check the inbox “other” where are the messages sent by Facebook users who are not on the list of friends.

Also listed are also changes in the way Facebook refers to its products, including reminders of posts that are public and tips on how to manage the data displayed on the timeline.

In my view Facebook this time is finally teaching to fish instead of just giving the fish and expect that the user knows what to do with it.

A more public face to privacy policies

A novelty in terms of governance is a greater exposure of the position of “Chief Privacy Officer”, or director of privacy, which is currently occupied by Erin Egan. Erin will be the face of a Facebook campaign called “Ask the Chief Privacy”: in a series of live events, the director will answer questions submitted by users and involving privacy.

The idea is to make it a “engagement and feedback that is more significant.” There is no schedule set for the beginning of this particular event, but according to post warning of changes, this should happen “within the next few weeks.”

Vote the changes will not be so important

While on one hand Facebook is giving more openness to feedback from users to the “Ask the Chief Privacy”, the other is disabling the voting system policy changes. This system said that if a proposed change receive at least 7000 comments, he activated a vote. And if the vote had participation of at least 30% of Facebook members, the result of it would be heeded by the social network.

But according to Erin Egan, the previous system “encouraging quantity instead of quality” and it was not ideal. With the new proposal, the social network ensures that it will continue informing the members of “significant changes” of privacy policies, data use and other governance documents, but the voting system will be summarily retired as soon as the new rules go to be worth.

Profiles Instagram and Facebook: unified?

Speculation raised by Reuters is that with the new data use policy, Facebook will be able to unify the social network profiles with profiles Instagram. This is not sure what will happen, but if Facebook decides the policy will allow. And seeing how web companies are unifying maximum user profiles in their products lately, I would not be surprised if this really happened.

Those who wish to delve into the proposed changes, the complete documents are available in English or in Portuguese. The comments received period is the 21st until the 28th of this month.