Evidence Presented by Apple to Sue Samsung in Europe Could Be Manipulated

Last week we saw how a court in Düsseldorf paralyzed temporarily the sale and distribution of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe by a lawsuit from Apple which alleged that the finish of the Samsung tablet seemed much. It was not a firm sentence but they had at least managed to stop the sales of the tablet for at least four weeks.

However it seems that the evidence provided by Apple are not entirely correct and it is that according to the Dutch portal Web Wereld Cupertino company has delivered evidence manipulated to the Dusseldorf Court to defend their interests and win the legal battle. Coincidences? Let’s see.

Web Wereld shows us on the picture that you have just above how done the alleged manipulation. At the bottom you have the proof that Apple has shown to the Court. If we stick to the official dimensions of the two products as iPad 2 has a ratio of 1.30 ratio while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has 1.46.

However we see in the picture below how the ratio of dimensions has been modified to make it more similar to the proportions of the iPad 2. In addition, incidentally, has been used the applications menu and not the desktop appearing as we turn on the tablet.

Each draw their own conclusions: either an error or a fragrant manipulation to protect their interests and harm to competition… Personally I am not going to weigh in on the matter and hope that the Court of Düsseldorf a judgment in firm and decide if finally block or not the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe but if true that it is a deliberate manipulation it will be good to keep that in mind.