Eric Schmidt You Remove Iron on The Subject of Patents in Android

The subject of patents in Android, as a result of the conflict between Apple and HTC, is on everyone’s lips is no longer a novelty and the latter in giving his opinion on the matter it was Eric Schmidt, head of Google who a couple of years ago quit his job on the Board of Directors of the company from Cupertino. Schmidt decided to remove iron to the topic and you think that whole issue of patents is not more than “legal fun”.

Schmidt statements have taken place in an event of Google in Tokyo which has also instigated the competitors to more to compete and innovate worry, something similar to what already said Grace Lei, CEO of HTC, last week.

We have seen an explosion of Android devices on the market, and because of our successes, the competition is responding with legal action because they cannot do so through innovation. I’m not very concerned about this issue.

Schmidt also said that they will support HTC so do not lose their agreements with other companies and which can maintain its position as one of the largest companies that today support Android operating system in its terminals.

Apart from the statements of Schmidt should remember that Google is going to hire a group of experts on patents to reinforce to Android and avoiding more legal disputes in this matter. At the moment Chinese manufacturers do not see this issue very clear and some are considering adopting other operating systems for avoid problems in the future.