Edit Google Maps Disabled after Vandalism

After an unfortunate incident of vandalism in Google Maps Google disables edits of the map from users temporarily.

It gave many reactions-both negative as well as positive-as an iconic Android figure, urinate on the Apple logo, last month turned up in Pakistan on Google Maps.

It makes Google now something about a temporary disabling of all changes made by users.

In Google Maps will be a large part of the content created, directed and kept up-to-date through the service, called Google Map Maker. Here you can as a user without further right in Google’s popular maps service, which have worked excellent for Google until a user named nitricboy created the banned material on the card service.

In addition to Android-the shape, there peeing in addition to the Apple logo, he also created a large text that says “Google’s crawl policy is shit” with a sour smiley.


Google responded quickly again by removing the contents and apologizing for the newspaper The Washington Post, and now takes the IT giant so a big step to get to grips with the problem.

In a forum post tells Google Map Maker team, that from today is no longer possible to create changes in Google Maps. Google tried well enough with a manual review of all changes after hærvæket, but with the many users all over the world, which constantly contribute with changes to the map service, accumulated there his lightning fast a large number of changes. The Google team could simply not keep up with.


It takes the team now the consequence of shutting down completely for all changes, until a new system put in place that can handle the many changes better and without vandalism on the card slips through. When you can contribute content to Google Maps again, telling the team, however, nothing about.