DynaVox TPR 2 Finest Phono preamplifier

A sound converter the Hi-Fi people only as Sham refuses to close it last in the heart – the DynaVox TPR 2 (130 euros).

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The reinforced with a light-emitting diode and a glass window to build tube glow of only 130 euro expensive sound converter TPR 2 looks like a gimmick. The robust steel chassis, the half-centimetre thick aluminium front and metal buttons can while to recognize seriousness. As the nearly 1 kilogram heavy main power supply, the DynaVox in an extra housing banished to his magnetic stray field remains beautiful far away in the distance.

Basically the TRP is anyway rather than realize phono preamp, because he NE 5534 the cutting stylus frequency response of Phonosignalen can – shift IC type of beautiful two-stage only the bass, then the height. As a mouse piano Schalterchen demand increases the sensitivity, may not only moving-magnet-, but also moving-coil cartridge ran.

On top of that, the TPR 2 then allows even a volume control and just an output gain with a double triode ECC 82. Their systems are virtually energy-free without any problems. Since they work without feedback loop, they bring in distortion also significant disadvantages in the game with the very high output impedance of 6750 ohms, which dictates the usage of as a short, low-capacity cable, as well as increased. On the other hand, they protect the foreman, so the Phonokreise or in line mode the output stages by CD players, before impact.

When the phono MM operating the TPR offered 2 definitely punchy vivid sound with beautiful warm colors. MC, then some high-frequency gloss and fine resolution happened which led to still more praise and considerable 45 sound points.

And the “sound converter”-line input? Over days, the testers of every visitor who came in the room asked: “A or B?”. At various low-priced CD players (such as Onkyo DX-7355, 200 euro, 9/07), which once directly and even praised the milder, more fluid sound that came from the small DynaVox people’s voice via TPR 2 reference preamp were associated with, unanimously.

DynaVox TPR 2

Manufacturer DynaVox
Price €130.00
Rating 45.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Mass B-14, 8 x H 8, 0 x D 17,8 cm
Measured values
N ratio MM 5 mV, 1 kohms 83 dB
MM (standard system) 78 dB
MC (0.5 mV, 20 ohm) 66 dB
Reinforcement MM / MC 34.4 / 53.3 dB
Headroom MM / MC 67 / 10.0 mV
Input impedance, MM 48600 kOhm + 393 pF
MC 96 ohm
Output resistance 6750 ohm
Power consumption standby 6.9 W
Short conclusion A super low-priced treats for hi-fi enthusiasts. Serves as a phono stage for mMM-and MC cartridges and CD players as a tube buffer amp and sounds good.
Sound Top-class
Sound points MM / MC
(maximum 70 points)
44 / 45
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(maximum 10 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (max. 120 points) good 69 points
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 4 / 10