Dress Up Your Feet-Budapest And Other Lace-Ups!

Today we go on with shoes. This time topic: Elegant lace-up shoes.-Of course, this could be increased in fine lacquer shoes, in view of our street style orientation, but we can safely leave it out.


Budapest and other lace-up shoes or suede boots can be combined perfectly with almost every outfit, (assuming a reasonable selection) are quite comfortable and make us look quite simply dressed.

If you enter into the search with suppliers like “shoe-wiki“, one is almost flooded with results. In all colors, shapes and materials, from the cheap shoe from the Far East to the high-quality and expensive hand-sewn from Italy, we are offered shoes.

Well, let’s start with what Budapest is and what makes it different from the others. First of all, the typical hole pattern in the front area of ​​the shoe, which makes him special and which can be recognized immediately on the street. Further features are the rather wider cut, the strongly rounded tip as well as the derby lacing. At the moment, however, due to the trend, these features partially blend with those of other shoes, so you can see many Budapest with a solid, continuous plateau. A very nice combination as we find!