Differences between a Remanufactured Cartridge and One Filling

So that you may know our job in this world of remanufactured printer consumables, we wanted to dedicate this post to define and clarify the differences between a remanufactured toner and other filling. Many people confuse the terms Remanufacture and refill, even using them as synonyms, when between them really make a big difference.

Remanufactured Toner-They are original cartridges, where all inputs or components that wear out from use are replaced by new ones, ensuring therewith a result similar to an original toner.

Toner refilled. In this case only proceed to recharge toner powder, does not replace any of the parts or components, for this reason in the short or medium term this consumable usually give problems to the customer. To curb the boom that in recent years has been the sale of the recycled toner, is against this type of refilled toners against whom it is directed the smear of large companies of original cartridges.

To clarify the concepts well let us define the different parts of the toner:

  • Shell or cartridge: It is the plastic cover of the toner cartridge.
  • Cilindro of image or OPC drum. It is a metallic cylinder coated in photoconductive, which transfers the toner to the sheet of paper through an electrostatic charge, to be subsequently fixed by heat and pressure. It is recommended not to manipulate this piece because it s very fragile.
    •Cilindro of primary charge (PCR). It is a cylinder consisting of a rubber shaft with a ferrous interior. PCR has two functions: the first is to convey a negative electrical charge to the surface of the image (OPC) cylinder so that laser printer can write in it and the second is to help delete the residual charge left on the surface of the drum after printing.
  • Cleaning Blade (wiperblade). It is a polyurethane sheet mounted on a profile or a Guidewire that is dedicated to collecting waste of toner remaining in the drum after each impression. Remains collected are sent to the waste container. Friction may become worn cylinder image, therefore, is recommended to make the recycler a knife change every two or three fillings.
  • Magnetic roller or roller Developer (magnetic roller). This roller takes toner from the tank image cylinder or drum (OPC) through an electrostatic charge image is revealed by transfer.

Metering •Cuchilla or load (doctor blade) knife. According to PrinterHall, it is a component very similar to the Wiper Blade, but it has a different function. It regulates the amount of available on the magnetic roller toner powder, and contributes to the electrostatic toner purchase for the printing process.

  • Microchip. It is a kind of software which mainly deals with management functions of the State of the toner cartridge.
  • Compatible toner powder. The toner is dry ink powder that has been electrically charged. The electric charge that has allows you to navigate from the cartridge to the paper through exposure to opposite electrical charges. It is fixed to the paper through emanating heat from the fuser.
  • Residual toner. During operation printers generate residual toner that is accumulated in a tank. Normally this is one more piece of the toner cartridge, but there are brands such as Canon, Kyocera, Samsung or Dell among others, which has separate toner cartridge Depot, would be another consumable in the printer.
  • Contenedor toner. It is the place where is stored the toner powder after the magnetic cylinder processing to generate the impression. It contains within it a series of fins that are turning the dust particles.