Cyanogen Inc. Gets Capital of Foxconn

Foxconn is otherwise best known maker of iPhones, has long sought diversity, now they have invested in Cyanogen.

It does require some money to establish itself as a manufacturer of an operating system are essential struggle against Google, therefore, is Cyanogen Inc. also constantly on the hunt for funds so they can expand and spread the influence of new phone manufacturers.

Back in March, received $ 80 million in financing, Cyanogen and now it turns out that Foxconn had invested money in this pool-how much is known, unfortunately, is not. 
Foxconn is probably best known for producing phones for, among other things, Apple, but in recent years they have sought pastures new and working among others with Nokia to produce, sell, distribute and market Nokia N1.

Foxconn could produce phones in an extremely extensive, and Cyanogen can do operating system which need not necessarily be dependent on Google Services-an important element in the market in China.

Other investors who have not been known counts, among other things, Premji Invest, Twitter Ventures, Qualcomm Incorporated, Telefónica Ventures, Smart Telecom, Index Ventures forward, Access Industries and Santander Innoventures.

The money should essentially be used to hire more employees and develop Cyanogen US.