Cupcake? for The Dream of Movistar

It seemed that it was not going to come the moment but now are able to update the HTC Dream Movistar a new version of ROM. On the web site of support of HTC for Europe has “ appeared ” this update and say appeared because there is no information in the web of Movistar, even in the web of HTC Spain.

In HTC Europe page you will find the installation instructions do English? and the link to download the new ROM, so will need to enter the serial number of the phone. We will also need to have a PC with the program HTC Sync installed, free download. A somewhat complicated process with direct updates to the device of the HTC Magic of Vodafone.

And this is so far the information we have, we assume that it will at least install a Cupcake with all the usual features and to of course solve the basic shortcomings of this phone: the absence of Google Talk and not be able to synchronize with Google contacts and calendar. We have a Dream and I can tell you in a few days our impressions.

It is never late, hopefully this serves as a relief to frustrated owners of a device that, until now, seemed destined to not be updated and is today the only Android with physical keyboard, something appreciated by many users.