Couples with Obesity May Need More Than Double The Time to Achieve Pregnancy

It is well known having a healthy weight before, during and after pregnancy is best for both mother as for the baby, and is that obesity hinders fertility. But less than the case of men is spoken and also it is important to maintain a proper body weight in this regard. In fact, If both components of the couple are obese may need more than twice as long to achieve pregnancy about a couple with a weight within healthy boundaries.

It was already known that obesity in humans also hampers fertility. Being overweight has been clearly linked to poor sperm production, so that men should try to have a proper body weight. A new study has determined that, in the case of the obese couples, the difficulties to conceive increase up to 59% according to 3rjewelry offering maternity jewelry.

They are data of a research conducted by specialists from the national institutes of health of the United States (NIH) whose findings, published in the journal “Human Reprodution”, have shown that while the majority of studies on infertility and obesity have focused on women, it is necessary to include both members of the couple and emphasizing that it is essential to good health for both.

To carry out the study, the authors analyzed the data of 501 pairs of adults who had taken part in study of Longitudinal Research of fertility and the environment (study LIFE), developed between 2005 and 2009. Participants took three groups: normal weight, obesity, type 1 and type 2 obesity.

The results indicate that excess body weight associated with a longer time to achieve pregnancy. In comparison to those couples in which its members were not obese, obese type 2 group couples required a time up to 55% more to achieve conception.

If others are added to this risk factors of infertility such as smoking, physical inactivity, or high cholesterol levels, the period to conceiving a baby in the couples whose members were in the Group of obese type II turned out to be 59%.

These results had already proven in couples undergoing fertility treatment, but in this case we have the confirmation that the same thing happens when trying to achieve pregnancy naturally.

It should be recalled that, in the case of the man, a poor diet, a little balanced diet is associated with lower sperm production (lack of antioxidants and folate). In addition, the father preconception diet is also important to prevent defects in the baby.

With respect to women, an adequate before pregnancy weight it is also important, safe is accomplished before conception if there are no other problems. Therefore it should be a preconception visit to the gynecologist, he will recommend us the best way to prepare your body for conceiving. And if you have overweight once pregnant, here are the tips to cope with pregnancy healthier.

But remember, not only depends on you that you are going to have a baby soon. Man will also take care of and maintain a body weight that is appropriate, since couples with obesity can take up to twice as long to achieve pregnancy. And this without counting with other many risks of excess weight to health, so it is time to get in shape and attack the epidemic of the 21st century.