Columbia Reactor 25 Mummy Sleeping Bag

Thermix insulation and lining thermo-reflective Omni-Heat® that captures and distributes body heat without affecting the breathability, the Reactor 25 Mummy ensures your comfort during the cold nights in the mountains.

Indicative price : €149.95

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If you are camping at the foot of the Mont Sainte-Croix, it is important that your camera battery is charged and your sleeping bag is hot. Thermix insulation and lining thermo-reflective Omni – Heat® that captures and distributes body heat without affecting the breathability, the Reactor 25 Mummy ensures your comfort during the cold nights in the mountains.

A suction tube located along zipper blocks the cold, and a strap adjusts to the front to keep the heat inside. Manufactured in an elegant and very soft material, the shell fabric has our technology highly water-repellent Omni -Shield® that protects you against moisture, and its offbeat quilted stitching is a barrier against the cold. A strengthened trapezoidal piece offers plenty of space to your feet for greater comfort.

The Reactors are designed with a zipper to the left or to the right to choose and can fit together to get a double bag.


  • Fabric: 100% nylon
  • Thermo-reflective Omni-Heat lining
  • Treatment highly water repellent Omni-Shield
  • Tote Pocket
  • OffBeat quilted model
  • Left and right zippers be combined
  • Trapezoidal shape at the level of the feet
  • Loops for self-inflating
  • Storage bag included
  • 20 cm x 43 cm compression bag included
  • Thermix MX™ insulation
  • Air flow tube
  • Limit t: 31 ° F, – 1 ° C
  • Comfort t: 17 ° F, – 5 ° C
  • Average weight: 1.3 kg
  • Full weight: 0.85 kg (regular), 0.96 kg (long)
  • The regular is suitable for people of less than 1.83 m, and the long is suitable for people of less than 1.98 m

Test and review of Columbia Reactor 25 Mummy sleeping bag

A test conducted by dreamer for

This sleeping bag has been tested by me in several bivouacs we did, whether in the Alps or the Pyrenees. We slept in the tent every time, with a thin mattress in the sleeping bag, nothing more. The night temperature is not down below zero, fortunately for that matter, because I’m quite cautious.

For the record

I already don’t hurt of camping, every time in the tent, under the stars (otherwise I’d devoured by mosquitoes). Sometimes paying camping, but more often it was in bivouac, in the middle of a hike over two days. I didn’t until there is no lightweight sleeping bag, and I must admit that the idea of wearing all this weight on my back, every time don’t hardly enchanted me. In addition, the bag I had before was old enough, moderately hot and very bulky. So with that it has changed.

It should be noted

This sleeping bag is much lighter than my above (and the precedents that gave me friends some time) and it’s true that it changes already quite a thing. Just like the fact that it is less bulky.

Another change: this one is very soft, very soft, really comfortable and it’s a joy inside to snuggle against his thick layer. Innovation for me: I’m not tight, there’s space in there if I want to move, I can do it. What I couldn’t do with my another sleeping bag or others that I have tried since.

I find it very convenient wide hood, I always need to have the head warm, I’m fan! And side temperature, I must admit that it is really good. I, who am a great cold, I was very uncomfortable inside. Good post, in winter it must be too just because he isn’t down super low in the negative, but the times where I served: top! The zipper is easy to open even when we’re inside and the small pocket for storing keys or his watch is handy, because accessible very easily from the inside of the bag. When we move in, we have the skin in contact with the inside of the bag and it is rubbed, the Interior made of features of light! I found it funny. It’s hard to explain, but then I tried rubbing my hands on it and it’s pretty cool, I think that this is “thermo-reflechissante lining”, not bad at all.

I measure 1 m 69 and I think it can accommodate a lot more, I never touch the bottom, I appreciate this comfort.


At the level of heat, I well see it go lower, but hey it’s a timid who speaks… Otherwise, no downside, it me please much.

In aesthetics

Here again there all good: I find it very beautiful, well cut, the colors are beautiful and the material is just extra touch. The inside is also beautiful: this kind of color dots, black and grey, very pretty.

To conclude

A good sleeping bag snuggle where after a day of walking, combining quality with aesthetics. It is comfortable, soft, warm, and then practical. Together, we have become very accomplices.