Classic Hawaii – Oahu & Maui

Classic Hawaii - Oahu & Maui

Hawaii is just everything you have dreamed of and so little more! Whatever you want, you can find it here – from luxury life and action in Honolulu to rows of swaying palm trees on Maui.

Flights to the east coast of the United States – the easiest is to fly to San Francisco or Los Angeles. if you can manage, you go on directly, but we recommend a night at one of the airport hotels. There are also free shuttle buses that run all the time so you do not have to think about taxis and transport. See calculatorinc for culture of USA.

It has been flying for five hours across the Pacific Ocean to Oahu and the capital Honolulu. Upon arrival, you then pick up your rental car and drive to your hotel for a week on Oahu – there is plenty to see and do! Swim at Waikiki Beach, go to Kapiolani Community College Farmers Market and eat pancakes and buy jams & coffee to take home as souvenirs. Book a luau to experience traditional crafts, dances, songs and then a sumptuous dinner! Take a surfing lesson or go to the North Shore and watch the reckless surf the really high waves. Have lunch from a food truck and finish with the national dessert shaved ice. If you feel really fast, walk the 1000 steps Koko Head Staris and admire the view from there – but do not forget the hat and water! Those who like to shop can also take the opportunity to do this – malls,

It takes less than half an hour by plane to get to Maui – the rental car is picked up and then you are out on a “road trip”. A real adventure is Route 360 ​​- Road to Hana with 54 bridges and 620 curves. Skip the sunrise at Haleakalā but go there a little later in the morning and avoid the darkness and queues – a wonderful experience. Take a day trip to Molokini and snorkel or do so from the beach at Makena State Park and Big Beach. Surf in Ho’okipa Beach Park and hike in Iao Valley State Park. In the winter you can look for whales and why not visit Maui’s only winery – Tedeschi Winery?

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Oahu

Departure from Scandinavia to Honolulu with arrival the same day.

Day 2-6: Adventure on Oahu

Oahu is best known for the city of Honolulu with its Waikiki Beach. A must for many visitors with shopping, nightlife and pulse. It’s also to Oahu you go if you want to visit Pearl Harbor or surf the big waves on the legendary North Shore.

Day 7: Oahu to Maui

You’re flying from Oahu to Maui. Upon arrival at the airport, pick up your rental car and drive to your hotel.

Day 8-12: Adventure on Maui

Many people think that Maui only consists of swaying palm trees and tourist hotels, but those who go there get a wonderfully positive surprise – of course there are palm trees and hotels, but this is where you experience adventure! Of course you rent a car – anyone who wants can go up to the volcano Haleakalā, either to see the sunrise but more enjoyable is to go up during the day. You drive through the clouds up to the top at over 3000 meters above sea level and enjoy the magnificent view and the fateful and barren landscape! This is also where you drive “The road to Hana” – a trip to the east side of Maui that takes at least 3 hours. The road has 620 curves and you drive over 54 bridges – many then buy a T-shirt that says “I survived the road to Hana”!

Day 13: Departure from Maui

After a 13-day trip in Hawaii, the trip goes home. The time depends on when your flight departs. It is possible to add visits to one of the exciting big cities in the USA.

Day 14: Arrival in Scandinavia

Arrival in Scandinavia. Arrival time depends on the airline.

Overnight stays

Twelve nights in a double room in a hotel

Classic Hawaii - Oahu & Maui