Cap Used To Hide Lack Of Bath

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The most popular cap model today was invented by baseball players so the sun would not disturb the pitches. The common cap has an older story.
In the 13th century, people did not take much bathing in Europe. Wash your head, then, even less.
To keep the dust away from the hair and not to soak the pillow with scalp fat at bedtime, they invented a cloth protector called “bonnet” – a French word pronounced “cap.”
Later, the bonnet came to be used as a coat under the hat, as if it were a little cuequinha of the head. After 500 years, the protector became a cap.

Bonnet turns soccer ball

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To avoid ruining his collection of 22 caps, Pedro Costa, 9, only uses one, the preferred, leather. The mother threatens to throw the hat off because, like the ladies of the 13th century, Pedro gets his head sweaty and stinking.
“Yeah … the leather was a bit musty,” says Pedro, “but last week I washed it. It was clean.”
In the class, it is known as “the cap”. He began to use it to imitate his older brother. It went through the fashion of the worn cap to the side and the worn cap back. Today he uses the technique “first backwards, then forward,” a way to dress the hat upside down and spin it on the head to prevent hair strands from falling over his forehead.
Cap with straight flap is totally out of fashion. “Or you use the dented flap, like duck’s beak, or the fold up,” Peter recipe.
Pedro’s favorite cap (“Georgetown Hoyas”) was kidnapped a few times by his schoolmates, who took him as a ball to cheer up the recreation.
It also has a convertible cap, backed up, with designs on both sides.

Sport invents fashion

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Until the beginning of this century, one had not been in the habit of leaving home to exercise. Only nobles hunted for sport.
When people began to exercise and play outdoors, the cap became popular.
To protect himself from the sun, a hat was needed. This hat could not have a wide flap and should fit the head.
In horse racing, yachting, motor racing and baseball, the cap was the solution found.

In the 19th century came the fashion of the caps

In the last century, it was fashionable for women to walk on the street with their heads wrapped in a linen cloth trimmed with feathers. The men wore a cap for the smell of the cigars not to impregnate the hair. Cap was the name given to every hat with no flap attached to the head.

Military simplified

The cap was practical in war. He shaded his eyes, helping to look. It facilitated the identification of the military, since the corporations (Army, Navy, etc.) began to use similar caps, differentiated only by the distinctive one (that is, something that distinguishes).

From the military to the urban tribes

The cap is no longer used only in sports or among the military. It has been fashionable and long enough.
This means that the cap is a piece of clothing that, they say, leaves people more elegant.
It is important to remember that the cap still serves as a badge. Only not among the military, but among the “tribes” of the city.
The singers of RAP were the main responsible for this change in the use of the cap during the decade of 80.
“Each tribe has its cap style to make a difference to other groups,” says fashion history professor Mitsuku Shitara of Santa Marcelina.

Girls vary nais

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Lívia Nestrovski, 9, has 16 caps. Your favorite is the Piu-Piu cap.Which boy would wear the Piu-Piu cap?
Perhaps because they have a better idea of ​​the clothes that fit together, the girls vary their use of caps. Red pants, blue cap;Jeans, black cap and so on.
Lívia explains that basketball caps are worn by both girls and boys, but “girls vary more”.
Girls wearing cap suffer even more from the fun-free play of stealing hats. The boys take off Lívia’s new hats, and she has to run back to get them back. “They keep throwing my cap up until I complain to the teacher,” he says.

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