BREW, Qualcomm Free OS Was at CES

With Mobile World Congress after the corner, little interesting thing have seen relative to the mobile phone during CES, lie, was the HTC Smart and your operating system BREW, but it is not of any reef media, so it seems that few have decided to talk about it.

The really important news is not the phone itself, but that Qualcomm has made official that their BREW operating system is free, thus not are saying that it is an open source system, it can pick it and install it on a phone that you’re developing free of charge.

In the market we have two free sets more complex and evolved to BREW, we talk about Symbian and Android, but none is as easy to incorporate into a hardware manufacture, because we must remember that the American company is responsible for making components hardware for a high percentage of terminals in the market according to the guys at Qualcomm.

Any operator or manufacturer can reach Qualcomm and ask a terminal accompanied by the system which makes it run smoothly.

We must bear in mind that BREW is aimed at “simple” phones, but the truth is that they do not look bad: the first example is found in the HTC Smart, which has also been made up for the occasion with a version of the Sense interface.

If we take into account that this phone on the market competition is series 40, I think it has possibilities to find your site, indeed the American operator AT & T is preparing a line of phones BREW for 2011. HTC also plans to continue to develop phones with the operating system from Qualcomm, something logical as I am informed, Qualcomm is shareholder of HTC.

We must not forget that there is an audience that does not seek new applications every day, only need to call, send messages, and how much use a Web or Google Maps browser with a touch interface, also the system is preparing to support adobe Flash. Not what some BREW we offer, taking into account also a total optimization hardware.

If the companies involved decide to use Android or Symbian, must optimize hardware to them, and be prepared for the maintenance of each version of the operating system. In this sense neither Google nor Nokia are the work of help as it will be Qualcomm, since both the system and the hardware is a matter of his own.

For those of you curious in the system, beginning last month a short video of the operation leaked from the HTC Smart, formerly known as Touch.B, I leave you with the: