BleepBleeps, Small Devices That Assist in The Conception, Pregnancy

Accessories to help parents in all kinds of tasks of caring for children are a safe claim, and its combination with mobile devices makes them even more attractive, some of which are intended to take advantage the different developments of BleepBleeps.

The creator of these solutions has begun developing an ear thermometer connects to our smartphone iOS and Android via Bluetooth, but this is only a first step. Starting from there are solutions like a surveillance camera babies, tests of fertility and even portable ultrasound scanners that show the fetus in the mother’s womb.
The video presentation of these “small friends” with bright and colorful designs makes it clear the ambition of these devices, very ambitious in some of their tasks and always useful in all of them. Among its original points, the names of the devices, as you can see below.

Easy-to-use devices

One of the main responsible for the idea, Tom Evans, got the idea when his small went bad a few years ago. The current digital thermometers marked temperature, but many parents do not know if that is to much or little.

When he saw 39.4 ° to take her temperature, didn’t know what to think.

My instant reaction was to search for it in Google and I could see that it was a high temperature, as well as some tips to lower the. I thought “why are not these things – the device and information – connected?”

The result of that effort was Tony Tempa, the thermometer that sends information via Bluetooth to the mobile, and which is combined with an application that precisely gives conclusions about these data, as its creator wanted. The other prototype you created is Sally Screamer, an alarm that lets us know when our son is moving anything that should not touch (for example, a door knob).

The thermometer will be launched with a collective funding in a campaign new crwodfunding platform in November, while Sally Screamer It will seek to raise funds on IndieGogo. But they will be only the first two of a series of solutions that are intended to help parents from the first moment.

From conception to caring for our children

For example, we will have of Master Bates, that will allow to evaluate the sperm of the parents (mobility, concentration) to know if there is some kind of problem, but also we will have Olivia P Sticks, an indicator of fertility that will show if the expectant mother is Ovulating.

The more sophisticated product is the ultrasonic scanner Ultra Stan which will allow to be used as a Home ultrasound. The technology already was used three years ago in a device that cost close to $5,000, but the BleepBleeps model is intended to be especially economical.

Other products of interest, although somewhat more traditional, are GPS receivers)Cecil G y Lilly Loco) which will help to locate small, while the aforementioned David Camera It will show our son at all times in the cradle (for example) through the mobile screen.

Of course, some of these products are complex and need the medical approval of the bodies concerned (the United States FDA or the HRA in Europe, for example), but their creators believe they will be meet all requirements. Most prices are not known at the moment, but Evans thinks that Tony Tempa cost about 80 euros, and Sally Screamer cost about 40 euros for maternity jeans.