BitTorrent Bleep Is Launched Officially with the New “Whisper” Function

New and safe application for text and speech is clear from BitTorrent under the name Bleep.

BitTorrent Bleep was launched in an alpha version back in september of last year, it is (yet another) message platform. Bleep focuses on keeping the messages out of the cloud, and sending content directly between devices with encryption all the way.

A new feature has also found its way to Bleep, users can choose to send a whisper, it means that the message will be deleted after being read, and the sender’s name will be blocked so even if you would have time to take a screenshot, you can not see who it is from.

Forget who you’re talking with, one can click on a little eye icon at the top and display the name, with this blocked message content so we can’t link the two pieces of information together in a screenshot.


No central server

Common messaging applications such as Snap chat sending messages through a central server which is vulnerable to everything a central server is now vulnerable to, this element is cut away with Bleep, there is no sky and no personal information is collected prior to use.

A network of millions of BitTorrent users is used by Bleep as a distributed database to find a given user. A distributed hash table (DHT) assigns a sender with a recipient, and the message is then sent directly to the recipient.
It works overall as a group of neighbors who work together, you ask for a specific user, your neighbor asks the next asking the next until the recipient is found and a direct communication channel can be opened.

In contrast to the Bittorrent file-sharing protocol, which stores parts of media content across users, so the message is never divided, and there are not saved parts of messages on other devices than with transmitter and receiver points out there.

Bleep is now officially launched on Android, iOS, and Windows, there is no information in order to use the Bleep, you can choose to verify an account with an email or a phone number, but only if you wish that your friends should be able to find one at Bleep through this information.