Beer Opening in Fantastic Fiji

Beer Opening in Fantastic Fiji

Bulge and welcome to the paradise of Fiji listed on localbusinessexplorer. Robinson Islands and white beaches, clear blue waters with tropical fish and corals, the friendliest locals and lots of nice rest in the shade of the palm trees on the beach await here.

Day 1 Departure from Scandinavia

When you travel to Fiji you make a stopover on the way and it is possible to make several stops in e.g. Singapore, Sydney, Seoul or Auckland ,. Check with your Travel Consultant what would work best for you.

Day 2. Flight, flight, flight

The whole day is spent flying towards Fiji.

Day 3. Arrival Nadi

You land at Nadi Airport where you will be picked up and driven to Smugglers Cove Beach Resort where you will stay one night.

Day 4. Depart Nadi to Nacula Island

You will be picked up at the hotel and driven to the port and take the boat to Nacula Island. You have access to the lounge on the boat and can during the approximately 4.5 hour boat ride either sit in the lounge or enjoy the sea and wind from the deck. Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is located on one of the northernmost islands in Yasawas; a string of pearls of small paradise islands stretching from Fiji’s main island Nacula. The island is the third largest in Yasawa and your resort is located next to the white beach at Nalova Bay. Here you can snorkel directly from the beach, swim in the crystal clear water and see the spectacular sunsets.

Day 5-7 Nacula Island on your own

Great days to enjoy the South Seas on your own. Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is built in a modern style spiced with a local feel in fantastic surroundings. The water and lagoon are almost unreal turquoise blue and invite to snorkeling and swimming. There are lots of activities but do not forget to set aside time to lie in the hammock. The chefs prepare delicious food from local and locally produced ingredients that are served by the beach. The resort works closely with Nacula Village where you are invited to have an opportunity to experience the villagers’ local lifestyle.

Day 8. Departure from Nacula Island and arrival in Drawaga Island.

You take a boat from Blue Lagoon Beach resort to Barefoot Mantaray Island Resort on Drawaga Island, the boat ride takes about 1.5 hours. Barefoot Mantaray Island Resort got its name because it is located right on a canal where rays come every year between May and October. Here there are idyllic chalk-white beaches, beautiful coral reefs, delicious cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere among both visitors and locals.

Day 9-10 On your own on Drawaga Island

Lazy days on your own to experience and explore Drawaga Island on. Should you get tired of just relaxing, there are many activities to enjoy. Here you can dive, snorkel, fish, kayak. Between May and October, the canal off the island is one of the world’s best places to snorkel among rays. The resort has a restaurant and a bar, delicious food with even more delicious views. The rooms are so close to the water that you can fall asleep to the sound of waves.

Day 11. Departure from Drawaga Island to Kuata Island

You leave Mantaray by boat and go to Barefoot Kuata Resort on Kuata Island about an hour away. Barefoot Kuata T┬┤resort is located on a beautiful beach surrounded by dramatic rock formations and green-clad mountains. The resort has a beautiful view of Waya Lailai Island and the reef outside which is part of a protected national park.

Day 12. On your own on Kuata Island

You have all day to explore Kuata Island. Take a hiking trip through the hilly landscape, snorkel among the reef sharks – the nature here is completely different than on Drawaga and Nacula. Or just have a good time at the resort and enjoy good food, drinks and the great atmosphere

Day 13 Departure Kuata Island

You have all morning to take an extra snorkeling trip, kayak or nap in the sand before boarding the boat Yasawas Flyer which takes you back to Port Denaru on Nadi. Here you meet and drive to Smugglers Cove Beach Resort.

Day 14 Departure Nadi

If you want to stay a few extra days at Nadi, we will be happy to help you book it. You can also continue your journey in Asia or Australia – otherwise the journey goes back to Scandinavia again today.

Day 15. Homecoming Scandinavia

Overnight stays

Eleven nights at hotel / resort

Beer Opening in Fantastic Fiji