Ballad for Chubby Clothing

When it comes to ballads, soon think about clothes more daring and sexy. The different environments for fun, music and dance allow women bolder and youthful clothes, since it is not a formal event. That’s why women like to wear shorter skirts and dresses, shorts and other pieces, more adjusted to the body, most daring and stylish. It is clear, then, that the clothes of ballad for fatties can also have these features!

Fatties stylish clubbing

Very short skirts, justinhos dresses, midriffs and other similar parts? The fatties can also! There is no more that plus size women have to wear loose clothing and without grace, hiding the body. Today, the fashion for fatties is showing that all women can wear whatever you want, without bothering to hide anything. The important thing, above all, is to feel well. By opting for a more discreet blouse, for example, how about combining it with a bolder piece, as in the image above? Certainly, you will be a chubby poppin in the Club!

The bandage dress for fatties look very good. The look is daring and sexy. Bet on parts that have other details, such as glitters or draped pieces, for example. If the weather is more fresh, combine with Pantyhose and even with boots that have a more sophisticated style. And thin heels complete the visual, as well as Accessories for fatties, which help to elongate the silhouette and give it a more modern look.

For those who like to balance production, worth betting on sophisticated sweaters, with sparkles and different cutouts, combining them with short skirts, which can be jeans or in different tissues. China models look great and give more femininity to the visual according to

Famous fatties

If still in doubt about how to wear a Fat chick at the Club, the tip is to inspire in plus size women famous, which always give a show of sensuality and daring, breaking the rules pre-laid. As an example, we cannot fail to mention the singer Preta Gil, who almost never dresses conventionally or dull. The various looks of artist may serve as inspiration when choosing plus size clothes for ballads. Pants and sweaters to leather, very short dresses or cirré, elegant, generous necklines and other similar pieces are among the most used by the artist. It shows that the chubby woman can also be very sexy, rocking in any occasion.