Audio System HX 260.2: High Performance, Great Sound

The audio system HX 260.2 has brute power under the hood. Can she even sound?

The outside has managed already even loose the audio system HX 260.2 in the high League. The piece is to get for 750 euro moderate to high end standards almost, but looks like much more. The black lid made of brushed metal proudly bears the logo of the newest audio system series and sits on a knotless processed aluminum heatsink. Its ends are not banal sawed off and angular leave, but concluded by a chrome-shiny bar with chic curves worthy. The metal grille, recessed in the housing edges provide a slightly more technical look – experts here see parallels to the bridge power amplifiers of the K series distributed by audio system also once. The fans that that said behind the black wire of the mesh show that the grilles are not pure ornament, but really care for cooling the electronic innards.

You take off the cover of HX power amplifier, you can see another reason why this amplifier right may regard themselves as autos: the thick Board is clean and can flow on massively cuddled up traces – here was not saving at the wrong end. Speaking of current and voltage: sets the HX 260.2 on a fat double power supply, which is encapsulated as well as the corresponding chokes with a chic, chrome-plated Cup… for energy supply.