Argentina in a Nutshell

Argentina in a Nutshell

Argentina – so much more than just tango and gauchos !. Experience Buenos Aires with colorful neighborhoods like La Boca and Recoleta. Restaurants, shopping and maybe a day trip over to Uruguay and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Colonia. Continue to the wine city of Mendoza, the mighty Iguassu Falls and end at the Pampas estancior.

With 365 km from north to south, Argentina is an impressive country even geographically – to see the whole country takes a long time! When planning your trip, you are wise to limit yourself so that you do not spend the entire holiday with the actual transports. Let us tailor the trip to maximize pleasure and minimize unnecessary transportation!

According to themotorcyclers, Buenos Aires is not to be missed with the tango show, colorful la Boca and the cemetery Recoleta. Those interested in football can take the opportunity to see Boca Junior play in the Swedish colors! From here you can also make excursions across the river Rio de la Plata to a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the form of the city of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay or why not a visit to the Tiger Delta and the charming city of San Isidro. Outside Buenos Aires is the vast La Pampa area, sung and sung by Evert Taube. One of the absolute nicest things you can do here is to stay at a working estancia, enjoy good food and horseback riding in the company of the occasional gaucho! As the beaches of Argentina do not always invite to sun &

You should not miss a few days at the Iguassu Falls – here you make excursions in both Argentina and Brazil and experience the mighty falls from all sides.

Medoza is a well-known name for wine-loving Swedes – the grape Malbec is its hallmark and here you can partly enjoy the chic little town and visit both vineyards and wine houses.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

Departure with scheduled flights – we always book scheduled flights with all its benefits – more legroom, meals and drinks, the opportunity to get bonus points. For those who have a special diet, you can order special food on board the flight free of charge.

Day 2: Arrival in Buenos Aires

After arrival and customs & passport control, you will be met by your English-speaking local guide and driven to your hotel where you have the rest of the day on your own and the opportunity for some well-deserved rest after a long journey. The capital is the center of political, economic and intellectual life in the country. Buenos Aires has a strong European influence that is reflected in the refined taste of cooking, its luxury shops and the elegance of its inhabitants. Despite modern construction and dynamic activity, it has managed to preserve old traditions and charming corners. The cosmopolitan atmosphere and the individual personality in each of its neighborhoods fascinate its visitors. Almost 13 million people live there and can enjoy the abundant nightlife.

Day 3: Buenos Aires

After breakfast, a half-day sightseeing tour of this exciting city awaits today. Discover Buenos Aires, which begins with the impressive congress building, and on the way you will pass the Colon Theater and the parade street called 9 July Avenue. You visit the oldest part of town called San Telmo and also La Boca, a nice and colorful area with the famous street “Caminito”. The tour continues to Palermo where you enjoy the panoramic views. You will also visit Recoleta, one of the most exclusive areas in the city with its outstanding cemetery. During the day, nine also get to see other sights that you can discover on your own such as museums, art galleries, antique shops and parks. This is also the birthplace of tango. This is included in UNESCO’s list of human intangible cultural heritage. Tango you get a chance to enjoy already the same evening! Visiting a tango show is a must in Buenos Aires. The evening includes transfer to / from the restaurant, 3-course dinner with drinks and tango show of course! (F , M )

Day 4: Tigredeltat

After breakfast in peace and quiet, you go out to Le Tigre which is about 30 km north of town. It is called Buenos Aires’ own Venice. Le Tigre is an area just north of Buenos Aires located on the Paraná Delta, the city itself is located on a small island surrounded by the river and small canals and is a popular excursion destination for residents of Buenos Aires. Here you not only experience the beautiful nature up close and the great treasure is a boat trip around the delta and the visit to the prosperous little town of San Isidro on the way here. ( F )

Day 5: Day trip to Colonia in Uruguay

Today you go over to Uruguay during the day, just remember the passport! Then take the ferry (bouqebus) across the river to the historic city of Colonia del Sacramento. Today it is an idyllic town with cobbled streets, winding small alleys, nice restaurants and cafes. The unique blend of Spanish and Portuguese architecture has given the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You have a guided tour here and can then stroll around and soak up the atmosphere before you take the boat back to Buenos Aires, the boat trip takes about an hour and the tour is a full day tour. ( F )

Day 6: Pampas

After breakfast you check out and now it carries off to the plains, ie Pampas. We go out to the Pampas outside Buenos Aires and visit one of the nice estancias. Here we have a full day close to nature and gain insight into how to work on an estancia with cattle and horses – and of course Argentina’s famous gauchos! You are treated to a traditional lunch with empanadas and asado and then stay and have dinner here as well. ( F , L , M )

Day 7: Mendoza

So it was time to move on. You have a transfer to the airport and fly west at lunchtime to the Mendoza wine district. On arrival you will be picked up and transported to your chosen hotel. Mendoza is a province that has both rivers, valleys and fantastic Andes in the background. The highest peak is Aconcagua with its 6,959 meters. Here the grapes thrive and the area is known for the Malbec grape and high quality wines. ( F )

Day 8: Mendoza

Mendoza is commonly called Argentina’s “boutique city” and here are delicious hotels, lots of nice restaurants and cafes and the majestic Andes mountains in the background. Today you will visit all the sights of the city during a 3-hour city tour. You will visit, among other things, the oldest part of Pedro del Castillo square, the ruins of the Church of San Francisco – the only thing left after the last earthquake that took place in 1861. There are beautiful views from the Hill of Glory, where you can see the monument erected to celebrate 100- anniversary of Argentina’s independence. The afternoon is free for your own walks. ( F )

Day 9: Mendoza

Today it is off to a full day trip in the beautiful wine district. You get the opportunity for tastings and visits to different wineries. You take a bus with an English-speaking guide and visit 3 different wineries during the day. You have lunch at a bodega during the evening. You also make a stop at a farm that produces olive oil. Your local guide explains technology for production, corks in the bottles and how to properly handle a glass of wine. The evening is free. ( F , L )

Day 10: Mendoza-Iguazu

After breakfast you check out and get a ride to the airport where you fly on to the mighty waterfalls Iguazu. Upon arrival you will be met again and driven to your hotel which is on the Argentine side of the falls. The main town on the Argentine side of the Iguassu Falls is Puerto Iguazu, a charming city in a subtropical climate that is the starting point for excursions to the Iguassu Falls, one of South America’s and perhaps the world’s foremost nature experiences that form the border between Argentina and Brazil. The falls themselves consist of 275 smaller falls and extend along the river for 2.7 kilometers. The highest fall is 82 meters high and 150 meters wide – not for nothing is it called the “Devil’s Gap”. You can visit the cases from both the Brazilian side and the Argentine side, on the Argentina side there are paths and bridges that are suitable for hiking and nature experiences. From the Brazilian side, the experience is more overwhelming with open views of the falls. (F )

Day 11: Puerto Iguazu – Argentine side

Today you take a tour of the Argentine side of the cases with an English-speaking guide. You start from the Visitors center and see today Devil´s Throat which is the one with the appearance of the big cases. You can also walk on a footpath that stretches about 3 km along the river and the falls. ( F )

Day 12: Puerto Iguazu – Brazilian side

After a delicious breakfast you check out of the hotel and go over to Brazil to see the mighty falls from the Brazilian side which is a completely different experience. Here you can see the falls in the distance and have a powerful panoramic view. After the tour, you will be transported back to the airport and fly back to Buenos Aires. You will be met again and transported to your hotel. ( F )

Day 13: Return trip

You have the whole day for sightseeing or some shopping on your own. In the late afternoon you will be picked up at the hotel and transported to the airport in Buenos Aires. Usually the flights depart in the evening and you fly overnight back to Scandinavia. ( F )

Day 14: Homecoming

Overnight stays

Eleven nights in a hotel

Argentina in a Nutshell