Apple Wins The First Round, ITC Recognizes That HTC Has Infringed Two Patents

The legal fight between Apple and HTC continues to advance and for the moment things are getting pretty bad for the Taiwanese company. The ITC has recognized that HTC has infringed two patents Apple claimed back by March 2010.

This is only the first step and time the ITC only has recognized that the patent had been violated now is taken a decision and the issue is to long. However, the subject can be rather more serious than it appears, without falling into sensationally.

The patents in question are as follows. On the one hand the first described as “a system and method to perform an action on a computerized data structure”. For example: press a button and a menu of options appears.

Another patent contains the following description “signal processing for data transmitted real-time” two patents that make reference to very basic processes in an operating system and that, if goes through the will of Apple through the ITC could assume that Android would have to change parts of your operating system, as well as that HTC would have to stop the import of phones to the United States in this case.

I want to emphasize that you I am not a sensationalist approach to the topic. There is still much and please the worst-case scenario is not good. Until December will not be known with certainty what will happen but at the moment things not painted anything good.