Apple Airs HTML5 Demo Page

On Friday the Apple published a demo page of the capabilities of HTML5 in various applications on the web. There are seven categories through which the company shows the power of HTML5 video, typography, image gallery, transitions, audio, and view 360° virtual reality.

Each category shows a demonstration of what can be done today using only HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In addition, a link is provided so that Web designers can see how those statements were created and can take advantage of the resources on their own sites.

Not all browsers are already compatible with these more current standards. So the demonstrations – at least officially – only work in Safari, either version for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

The page lists we have to order a link to an extensive list of sites “ready for the iPad” – those who do not use Flash and have all your videos converted to HMTL5 / H.264 – and a link to the controversial open letter Steve Jobs “Thoughts on Flash”. To complete the pinprick in Adobe, Apple also says that “standards [HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript] are not web-additions. They are the web.”

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