Antipiracy Service is Hacked in France

The servers of Trident Media Guard, a company contracted by the French government to monitor and combat piracy in the interwebs the country were attacked and left the air, reports BBC.

In active since 2009, the service is part of the efforts of France to prevent his mariners to exchange copyrighted files. Known as “Law of Three Strikes” , the article provided a general monitoring of network IP addresses and users who were caught making illegal downloads were subject to fines and received three warnings (by letter) before being banned from the web by up to one year.

According to information, the attack was carried out by activists virtual break that had access to “advice on how to avoid future detections.” In his account on Twitter the head of anti piracy department of France, Eric Walter, said that “the connections of Trident Media Guard were temporarily suspended.”

“Any company that is willing to perform this type of service must be sure of the soundness of their security,” said analyst John Walker, professor at the School of the University of Nottingham Trent, the news network. “This was an accident that was waiting to happen. It is not possible to call this hack, but mischief”, he adds.