Another Update Will Reach The 3 OnePlus with Correcting Errors and Security Patch

OnePlus follows some true love giving their last terminal of high range-based updates. OnePlus 3 came out from the outset surrounded by many (and, in my view, exaggerated) controversy with some of its features, but the Chinese manufacturer seems to be listening to users.

On this occasion OnePlus launches, it’s with that correction of errors, one new version of OxygenOS, your customization layer. In this version, the 3.2.2, corrected an error in the way silence of the ‘alert slider’ (I don’t use it much, but I have not noticed anything rare), similar to the management of notifications has been improved while in Doze mode.

Other added features are the of disable the fingerprint reader when the phone is in your Pocket, 4K recording codecs update, improves the cancellation of noise during noise recording and the addition of the icon of NFC in the quick access panel. Also, and what I think is most important, you will receive the latest security patches.

While I’m writing this article, the update has not yet come to my terminal, but a step, just have a little patience, it is more likely that in the next few days (maybe next week) all of the holders of this terminal have already this update installed and, most importantly, the security fix.