Android One Would Come to Spain Very Soon with Bq

The mobile platform Android One It seems that it will give a 180 degree turn and will not focus to launch device input range and mid-range only in emerging countries. According to reliable sources Google and the Spanish company Bq they will be announced soon the first Android One for Spain.

In particular it would be the next September 17. Alberto Méndez, general manager of Bq; and Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, managing director of Google Spain and Portugal, would officially present this Android One for the Spanish market. Currently Bq neither confirms nor denies this information.

This news is confirmed, Spain would be the first country not emerging in receiving an Android, and the first of the European Union if they do not change the events. On the European continent Android One premiered in Turkey with a mid-range mobile. It is unknown that Android One would come to Spain, probably concerned a range media, perhaps to the Bq style Aquaris M5.

Mobile phones Android One highlights in its value for money and its direct support on Google updates. They are a step below the Nexus. When Google releases a new version of Android first gets to the Nexus and few weeks later to the Android One.