Android N Developer Preview 2, Yet Many News Emerged Today

Continue to blast off small innovations of the new Android Developer Preview 2 N, released the day before yesterday. We are now secondary details, but are nevertheless very interesting. For example, we start with a clarification concerning the new quick setting of the calculator: it turns out that also functions above the lock screen; Obviously Google has judged harmless enough, and we can only agree.

Mention the new priority notifications for-app; If you recall, via the System UI Tuner, already in DP 1 you could activate a new advanced mode which included five priority levels, which can be modified as desired for each individual app installed on your system. Google must have decided that did not suffice, and added a sixth level that defines the urgencies. I’m also slightly changed the names and descriptions from previous Dev Preview. The difference between the urgencies and those who were before those with higher priority, however, is that simply the urgent notifications are always at the top of the drop-down list of notifications.

As for the Google Now Launcher, instead we introduce a feature that will be well known to anyone who has used a 3rd party launcher or even just a stock version of Android doesn’t: “Overview” screen with setting shortcuts and wallpaper you can reach now also doing a “pinch” on the screen.

In addition, they become more homogeneous the commands accessories when you drag an app from the drawer or from the home screen: bottom center we have the information, top right the uninstall (disappears if it is an app, of course), and on the left we have the option to remove it from the home screen (if the drag was initiated by the home screen itself) or cancel (if the drag is started from the drawer).

Appears also a new shortcut to return to the previous app: just press twice quickly on the multitasking button. There are also two new ways to start an app in multi-window mode (by pressing and holding the button multitasking or by dragging left an app in multitasking screen).

Some news for the camera: interface undergoes some changes with new icons for the shutter and camera Exchange and removing the gray bar (or better: become semitransparent) and slow motion function is reorganized.