Android N Developer Preview 2, Hidden Menu Introduces Greater Integration of VR Systems

New products for Android N Developer Preview 2 continue to emerge, and this time we parlaimo a small gem linked to virtual reality systems, increasingly projected to become an integral part of the evolution in both home and mobile.

If we look at the mobile segment, only time will tell if the various viewers, Google Cardboard and the like, are just a passing fad or future developments may make these technologies really usable, however it seems that Google really wants to bet.

Thanks to the discovery of Ars Technica, we saw that in the latest developer preview of Android N series has a new item “VR Helper Service” within the menu applications. No related function is active at the moment, but if we consider that this menu is adjacent to items such as access to notifications or the administrative options of the device, it is likely that any application can take advantage of certain related APIs, it must be enabled manually.

No clue is revealed by the screen that you can see in the headroom, however from further analysis in culture-related strings, there are references to a “VR mode”, which may indicate some tipoloiga for example, specific display similar to the one Google stereoscopic Cardboard.

Many companies are moving in this direction, Samsung with its Gear VR, Huawei also recently announced its viewer with integrated 3D audio, and many other projects are currently under development.

It is very probable, that the Conference Google i/o next month can reveal more details about this new menu, join us in the coming days for more details.