Android Continues to Recover Market Share in Tablet

The Android tablet market has never been what has driven the rise of the Green robot, but that does not mean that time and some model with good value for money, have failed to make him buy shares increasing. The table you see above is explained in fact alone: If in the first quarter of 2012 Android tablets were 34.2% with Apple that almost doubled with 63.1%, now the scenario is quite different, and sees the gap between the two contenders dropped to just 4.8%, with in addition the outsider Windows (8 + RT) which secured a 7.5% of the market.

If we look at the first part of the table, is difficult to understand why these percentages: shipments (millions of units) of the Apple tablet are not even doubled from 11.8 to 19.5, while those of Android models are almost tripled (from 6.4 to 17.6 million units).

Of course we could discuss at length on the qualitative difference between Apple and Android tablet ecosystem, and there we dream of being so partisan to say that “our” is the best. Much of this recovery is undoubtedly due to very cheap models, which in terms of quality cannot even think to rival the iPad. We hope that the perfect value represented by models like the Nexus 7 (and perhaps by his successor) knows a repeat in the future, because it is not only quantities that must grow their Android tablets.