Android and Fragmentation, Current Figures Issued by Google

The history of Android It can well be summarized in an image, with his birth and the versions that have evolved to the current 2.3.4 Gingerbread Android o 3.2 Android Honeycomb. However, several terminals were in the way of this evolution ‘ not so natural ’, more fault of the manufacturers, they decided to make their own versions of Android with false promises of Update, that of own Google, which has promptly been complying with updates to their offspring.

The last statistical data thrown by Google and extracted through the study of the terminals that connect to its Android Market, describes that, today, the predominantly Android version with a 51% It is still Android 2.2. Froyo, It seems that this fragmentation It starts to upload updates slowly.

As you can see in the picture, the tart dealt it Froyo 2.2 with 51%, but already follow you very wax Gingerbread 2.3. x with 31.4%, that is proving to be the claim of all new handsets from the leading manufacturers and the spearhead of the current Custom ROM for terminals which, for the time being, do not appear in the plan’s update of its manufacturer. The latter is not the best option, but for those who are more experts in the field will not pose a problem for detached from drip to which many terminals are subjected.

The table can be also calculated that the distribution of Honeycomb tablets It is still very modest, so the sales figures thrown by the manufacturers would correspond more to units that they have delivered on trades, rather than to actual sales produced, although it seems that this summer there has been a increase of 0.1% with respect to the previous figure and will have to wait close to Christmas next month when to see if the number increases.

During the past Google I/O, promised that the next version of Android, Alliance between mobile and tablet, whose key name will be / is Ice Cream Sandwich, come before end of year, or perhaps before. Then we can see how Terminal will be the winners and to make smear and new account of this statistical table.

Unfortunately sure many terminals will be on the road, are waiting for required by complaints from its users the manufacturer decides to remove an update, but that is not so failed as the first attempt for the HTC Desire.

Another option is the new approach of manufacturers towards consumers, thanks to which many have joined the fashion to leave the bootloader of your new terminals free, in order to facilitate the community of developers who evolve and upgrade their operating system, such as the CyanogenMod group, which we have recently spoken by other things.

We wish that this fragmentation of updates every time is less and the day in which layers of the manufacturers are as the launchers, we install in our system regardless of the version of Android. However he launched the cry cyberspace and say, & #8216;the platform that is free of fragmentation that launch the first comment’.