Android 2.1 Study Available for Developers, Support to Android and Java N 8

Google has officially released version 2.1 of the Android tool stable Studio, listing new products through a video explanation that will follow. Mostly these are the same changes shown in the Preview, then passing to the compiler Jack, support for new Android API N, plus the addition of Lambda Expressions contained in Java 8.

With the official release of the first developer preview of Android N, Google has taken steps to update and release the new Android 2.1 Study, development environment used by all of developer to realize their own Android applications and test them through different configurations. Distributed via the channel “Canary”, although this is a preview, potentially very unstable and install separately in order to avoid problems of incompatibiità, new products are already many.

Among the most famous, we report new compiler support Jack (Android Java Compiler Kit)introduced by Android N together with a great Java programming language implementation 8. New features for the emulator integrated in Android Studio, in addition to supporting Android N has been improved from the point of view of performance and speed of execution.

Among the bugs that you might incur by installing this first preview, Google has some in order to warn developers. Among the best known, is an incompatibility between certain tools and the new compiler Jack, especially those who are reading the file class, instant Run does not work with the compiler Jack, at least for the time being, and finally, for those who develop by NDK on native debugging by LLBB is not yet compatible with new projects for Android N.

The advice from smartercomputing is to wait for a more stable version of Android Studio. For the brave who want to try it, to this address you can find all the information and download.