Amazon Appstore Is a Disaster According to The Creator of Apparatus

Amazon Appstore came about as an alternative to the Android Market with the aim of winning some share to Google’s platform offering some pretty notable improvements like for example a process of selection of applications more careful in order to avoid fraudulent apps and malware.

Amazon also promised a better deal for application developers, but it seems that not everyone is happy. The developer of Apparatus has published on his blog an article showing his dissatisfaction with the Amazon app store and it has also announced that it will withdraw the game of the same. To make this decision has put forward a series of arguments.

Amazon Appstore has a review of applications process very slow

When they sent Apparatus for approval took up to two weeks to notify you that the application had been rejected for using http instead of https to a cookie that uses the game community section after making the change he spent a week more until Apparatus was finally approved.

However there not ended problems now than when the application was available It was impossible to give it because there was a section which will pick up the latest applications. The creator of Apparatus also warns us that if we believe that by having an application validated updates are faster we were wrong.

Amazon Appstore and incompatible devices filter

The Amazon app store has a filter that lets users know If your device is compatible with the application in question. With Apparatus this process, according to its creator, was a nonsense as he warned of that the application did not work very well in small screen and devices low resolution, thing that Amazon failed to reflect well on the store.

Amazon Appstore and communication with users

Another of the complaints of the developer of Apparatus come to root for poor communication with users. On the one hand, you think that the manner in which these maintainers is bad because in the days which was the Amazon Appstore application just received messages.

The most important problem concerning the communication was the fact that Swedish being the developer could not comment in the Amazon AppStore and therefore he could not answer questions from the comments. This led him to a comment enough critic stood as the most ‘useful’ commentary and Apparatus sales declined.

On the other hand it regrets that there is no options to return money If there has been any kind of problem, something that it can be done without any problem in the Android Market. In the end, the only possible solution is a manual refund.

Conclusions, careful with the Amazon Appstore

It may be the case of Apparatus something timely and perhaps we should not alarmanos and demonize the Amazon service. In any case it is very constructive opinion of the developer so the rest, as well as users, know how it works and what we face.

The developer of Apparatus It will remove the application from the Amazon store and returned to the Android marketplace where awaits the game run better and not have to fight against the conditions imposed by Amazon.

This issue opens again the debate among the conditions offered by the two stores. An open unrestricted environment is best or better one certain guarantees and more closed? This case demonstrates that the second has a number of disadvantages, but also already on occasion we have seen the problems posed to publish in the Android Market, especially from the perspective of the user.