Amazon Appstore, an Evil Site to Sell Your Applications

A few months ago Amazon revolutionized the Android scene, since it announced that it instauraría an app store for Android, on their own and risk, with their prices and conditions, deciding in which countries would be available. From the first moment everyone try to install the application by skipping this lock, because we like to try new and, in addition, to launch would have exclusive and free the acclaimed Angry Birds Rio.

Past the bubbling of novelty, little have revived talk of the Amazon Appstore, Although it is true that blogs and foreign forums, where Yes is available through without tricks, people follow commenting the day free application, because it seems that this is the main Amazon claim, applications that eventually the They promote free without prior notice. This store, which was born with the controversy of an already existing name, is beginning to receive criticism from some developers and, in this case, Let’s give another story echo, If you’re thinking about selling your application there stay informed.

This time touched them Shifty Jelly developers, who decided to REList some of your applications in the Amazon store. Well, it all started when its application was paid almost no one paid for it (sad reality of Android) but made some poor sales and, as stipulated in contract with Amazon, they would receive 70% of sales.

In contrast to Apple’s AppStore or the Android Market from Google, Amazon can correct prices applications according to their market research, so the developer can propose one, but they take the final decision. Also, You can choose your application to promote it as ‘the free app of the day’, so you get that you reach home and media/blogs do advertising it and possibly get more applications promote yours as a direct reference.

When this happens Amazon runs with all costs, and the developer You must continue to charge 20% of the value of the application although Amazon enter €0. Of course this proposal is interesting for a developer, because it is free publicity despite the lowering of income.

Amazon offers a new promotion Shifty Jelly, where they advertise their free application, but neither of them will receive any financial compensation. The developer accepts this new offering not foreseeing consequences: 100,000 new users who have reported him 0 benefits and the need to support all spending money on increasing the technical resources.

The Free App of the Day promotion is the most valuable and visible spot in the store. It hosted the launch of the likes of Angry Birds Rio, Plants v. Zombies and more. Amazon will not receive any sales rev share from the Free App of the Day; and in fact, with as the of the Day Free for one day, you will receive a subsequent Appstore main page placement for the following 14 days.
All these highly valuable placements are at no cost to you. We want to promote your app and in exchange of the placements, at the 0% rev share for one day only.

Last day of promotion come as your app sells just as bad as before. Is true that blame can fall on the developer not to have foreseen the consequences and be left to cajole with the new proposal, thinking that this flood of users will continue after the day of promotion. It is also true that this new proposal from Amazon do gala 20% of benefit to announce to all developers. OK, the final decision lies with the developer to accept the old or the new rules, but that way of proceeding do not announce, seems not very ethical.

The solution has been slow and painful. They could not give low implementation, because it manages Amazon and requests are made by email very slowly. So initially decided to stop giving support to the implementation and is currently out of print.

The consequence has been that they have received very bad reviews by users They downloaded the free application, due to the lack of support, but they had to understand the situation that forced Amazon. At last they have opted to take their applications to the Android Market from Google, promising to reimburse the amount of the application to 300 users! that if you paid it. Admittedly, the Android Market has a worse system of payment for users, but at the end of the day, the developer is still the best place to publish your application.

We hope that this type of news do not become repeat with so badly for developers, or that Amazon stop clear its intentions on the day of the promotion, that is, that you not advertise one thing and then another, oferte cajoling the developer with future benefits that cannot be materialized. Incidentally, Pocket Casts application is very good, the best I’ve been able to use to follow and listen to your podcast, sean audio or video. It currently costs € 2.07 which I have gladly paid and in a few days you will be able to read an extensive analysis.

UPDATE: added the talks between Shifty Jelly and Amazon.