Already There Are More Than 300 Million Active Devices and More of 450,000 Applications in The Android Market

This morning Mobile World Congress 2012 has opened its doors to the public. There to part of companies show their latest also put us a day on their sales and penetration of its systems on the market.

Andy Rubin He has been commissioned to update at MWC 2012 good data that is getting so much sales as its official app store Android devices, to grow and offer every day more applications.

The Android Market exceeds 450,000 applications. Just a year ago the figure was 150,000 applications, which in a year has tripled the number of applications available at the official store of Android.

The other figure that has offered has been the number of Android devices that have been sold since it went on the market the operating system. There are already more than 300 million Android devices activated in all over the world and every day 850,000 new devices are activated.

As we can see Android you still have very good health and most of the manufacturers and developers are betting on it. We hope that this year the figures continue to grow but that manufacturers take more care of updates and the Android Market is filled with quality games and applications.